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Hot nail trends that you must try this season

Updated on July 15, 2011

Nail trends are something that can really be fun to try out and so many people enjoy experimenting with color, texture, designs and more. It is one of the most happening things to try for someone who loves to dress up. You can totally make or break your look with an interesting nail trend. Many runway shows this season have been sporting nude nails but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun with interesting nail ideas. There are many interesting looks you can try with some creativity or you can pick up a new look from what’s hot on the runways.

Moon manicures

This is one of the hot new trends seen this season. If you want to go the retro route, make sure you try this one out because it is sure going to turn some heads. It is utterly fun to do and absolutely chic to boot. You can opt for a nude base color and have a rounded black French tip. Models were seen sporting the monogram as well on the nails to add to the style quotient. You can use a nail art pen if you don’t have the steady hand with your nail polish brush.

Crackle nails

You can look at crackle nails if you want to go funkier and rock star chic. There are many colors to choose from and all you do is lay them on and then wait for it to set to give the crackle effect for your nails. It is absolutely fun and funky and you will be sure to have the rock star look nailed without a doubt. You can get them in glow in the dark shades too or else layer a nude or black shade with this very exciting crackle nail polish to achieve a very fun look.

Go shimmer

If you want to find out what the hot colors of the season are, here they are. From a shimmery grey to hot pinks and gold foil, colors that are bright and shiny are doing the rounds. The gold shades give a very fairytale look that you will love to try out. The hot pinks are simply stunning and shimmery grey is definitely a good color to try if you want to keep it a little low key. Go ahead, bring on the shimmer with your nail art and vow the crowds with your style quotient.

Diamonds are forever

The Diamond diva look is also in. If you are wondering what this is all about, then worry no more. All you need is a nude nail color, some rhinestones and a manicure stick. You can get this diamond diva look without much effort by layering a coat of nude nail color and then using the manicure stick to pick the rhinestones and place them on your nails. Border them all around the edge or randomly on your nail and the wet polish will act as glue. This look is absolutely fun to do and trending this season for anyone who wants to be the star of the night.


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