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Hotter Than Thermite | Sexy Padded Push Up Bras For Men

Updated on October 13, 2009

The padded bra was designed for one reason, to give the wearer a little more lift and life in the bust department. Padded bras are therefore perfect for men who like to wear lingerie and look feminine. Of course, contrary to the traditional view of the male body, plenty of men already have some measure of breast, which helps in the wearing of a padded bra. If there's nothing to lift, and nothing to pad, the pads are less efficient.

All the brassieres in this article (except one) are made by Felina and Jezebel, two brands which can be bought at a myriad of online retailers and in local stores, depending on what locale you're in. (It's not my fault if you chose to be born in some far flung corner of the world without proper access to lingerie stores, that was simply careless planning in your part.)

Valentina Add A Size (Felina)

This beautiful black bra with cream embroidery is guaranteed to not only look good, but to also add a size to your bust. The attention to detail in the decoration of this brassiere is what sets it apart from the bulk of push up bras, however be aware that this will show through heavily if worn under a t-shirt, especially a white one. In fact, if you wear this brassiere under a tight white t-shirt, you may as well dispense with the t-shirt anyway.

Satin Doll Bra (Jezebel)

Jezebel got a bad rap in biblical times, but in spite of that we just can't get enough of designs inspired by her lustful nature. This brassiere is pretty, highly original and even comes with removable pads, so you can decide how much cleavage you want on a given day. As Captain Planet might say, the power is yours.

Wild Thing (Jezebel)

Who doesn't love a push up bra that also happens to be covered in purple and blue animal print? This stylish little number also comes in a leopard print with red lace trim, which just screams class. Screams class, buys class dinner, slips rohypnol in its drink and takes advantage of it later on.

Braza Add A Size

Three of the bras in this article go together. Three of these bras are kind of the same, but one of these bras just doesn't belong here, now it's time to play our game... time to play our game.

Yes, this is the odd one out, the one brassiere not designed by Felina, or Jezebel and the one not endowed with the same type of beauty as its predecessors.

'Hope, this brassiere is beige!' You might say. 'You never include beige lingerie in your articles because it contributes to the 'beigening' of the world.' To you, I would say 'Yes, this is true, beige is a hideous tone which should only be observed on the coats of frolicking meerkats.' But in this case, I make an exception, because this brassiere comes complete with silicone inserts, which solve that little problem I was writing about earlier, in which a man with little fat on his chest to begin with effectively has nothing to push up. Unlike the other bras, the inserts aren't padded fabric, no, they're silicone, which is fun to prod and look at. I like to poke things, I think that these would be fun to poke.


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    • TIMWILLIAMS profile image

      TIMWILLIAMS 8 years ago

      I like to know where I can get these bras, I like them. They look like fun bras for both men like myself and girls alike to wear.

    • profile image

      Panty Lover 8 years ago

      Thanks for the great ideas Hope. Just bought a Jezabel Satin Doll bra. Fits great looks great, doesn't "poof" out and feels great. Another bra that I really like is the WonderBra. The all satin pushup has a great feel and I can wear it for hours.