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How Comfortable Are FitFlop Shoes?

Updated on April 2, 2013
FitFlop Walkstar Sandals
FitFlop Walkstar Sandals

What Are FitFlops?

FitFlop shoes are a range of toning shoes. They include sandals, slippers, sneakers, winter boots and clogs.

They started life in the UK after Marcia Kilgore, the founder of Bliss spa products, found that she didn't have enough time to get to the gym and workout as often as she might have liked. Instead of simply accepting the situation, she worked in partnership with London South Bank University (LSBU) to develop FitFlops sandals, which incorporate a special toning sole that gives the wearer a lower body workout just by walking around.

The special "microwobbleboard" sole introduces a small amount of instability into the walking process. What that means is that the muscles in the lower body, the legs and bottom in other words, work a little bit harder to maintain the body's natural balance. And hence, the lower body workout.

Most reviews of FitFlops focus heavily on the toning benefits. It's perfectly understandable - getting a free lower body workout just by putting on a different pair of shoes is a pretty big deal after all. However, FitFlops are, as anyone who owns a pair will probably tell you, extremely comfortable to wear and to walk in.

FitFlop Pressure Map
FitFlop Pressure Map

Just How Comfortable Are FitFlops?

The pressure map above shows areas of high pressure in red and areas of low pressure in blue. This was generated as a result of tests on 20 subjects performed at Salford University in the UK.

As you can see, the standard shoe on the left has more red areas than the FitFlop shoe on the right. It's also pretty obvious that there is more support when wearing FitFlops, especially in the area of the arch.

The same sole that provides all of those lovely toning benefits also provides extra support and, because of its construction, maximises the contact area between the sole of the foot and the sole of the shoe. The result of this is that the weight of the body is distributed across the sole of the foot in a more even and uniform manner - and that's why FitFlops are so comfortable to wear and to walk in.

FitFlop Sneakers
FitFlop Sneakers

User Feedback

If you speak to someone who wears FitFlops you might expect them to tell you about the great toning benefits of their magic shoes. However, don't be surprised if they spend a lot more time talking about how comfortable their FitFlops are instead.

Wearers almost seem to view the toning benefits as a (very nice) bonus to the comfort factor. You also shouldn't be surprised if you find out that they have more than one pair of FitFlops - quite possibly they will have their own little collection.

The video below gives a bit of background to FitFlops and also features some feedback from actual wearers.

FitFlop Video With User Feedback

The Latest Addition To The FitFlop Range

It's a testament to the comfort of FitFlops that the latest addition to the FitFlop Gogh clogs range is the Gogh Pro. This is specifically targeted at hospital and other shift workers who spend a good part of their working day/night on their feet.

The Gogh Pro is available in black and white and features a non-slip, non-marking sole. It also has a pivoting heel/ankle strap for a secure fit with the convenience of a slip-on style.

According to the company website, it is the result of lobbying by existing customers who were aware of the comfort of FitFlops and wanted something suitable for the workplace. So now you workout while you work.

FitFlop Gogh Pro Clog

Gogh Pro Black
Gogh Pro Black

FitFlop Feedback

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    • Thamisgith profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Edinburgh, Scotland

      Jenny - good point! You can (currently) get sandals, clogs, boots sneakers and even slippers.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I thought everyone could try FitFlops footwear - they're brilliant. They do nice trainer-type shoes and boots too, not just sandals.


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