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Are Fair&Lovely products really worth the hype on ads?

Updated on September 21, 2015

South Asian Introduction

Hi Sunshine's,

I am once again thrilled to be writing about face products that are very famous in South Asia. I think this is the right time to review some of the products that I always hear about in asian communities. I have been using these products for a while because I was convinced with their superior advertising on television. Let me give you a background on where I am from and why I tried some of these Fair & Lovely products.

I was born in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. I grew up here in Canada. I visited Pakistan after 14 years of being in Canada. When I was to attend a wedding there, I first visited the salon and I saw a huge collection of Fair & Lovely products as soon as I walked in. I remember asking the lady, what are these products?" That is when I was first introduced to them. I didn't buy any products at that point of time. I came back from my vacation, and coincidentally every time I would watch a Bollywood movie, in between commercials I would see Fair & Lovely ads. One ad that really struck me is linked below. I was then super excited to try the very first Fair & Lovely cream.

I will be reviewing some of their products in the Fair & Lovely line. If you would like to read more on this then please refer below.

Happy Reading!

Fair & Lovely Ad

Fair&Lovely Multivitamin Fairness Cream

Rose Frangrance
Rose Frangrance | Source

Inside the package


Multivitamin Face Cream

This was the first product I purchased in this line. It is said to even the skin tone, perfect the dark spots, and removes the dullness of the skin. My experience with this has been fine. I am not a huge fan of this cream. Firstly, it will not make you look fair overnight nor overtime. If you purchase it from the purpose of getting "whiter" skin tone, then you shouldn't be purchasing it. It is not recommended for dry skin. I have combination skin, and when I put this on it absorbs the product so much into the skin leaving it super dry. It is also not recommended to put this underneath the foundation due to the same reasoning. Overall, this product has no benefits what-so-ever. It's just a cream with no features nor benefits. The only reason I use it is because of the rose scent that it has. I will not be purchasing it again.

Below are the links of many other beauty bloggers with similar reviews.

Packaging & Pricing

The packaging is cute. I love the design of the tube as well as the overall appearance of the brand. If you end up liking the cream then you can bring it with you when travelling. It's pretty compact.

Ladies, you can find this product mainly on This is the most authenticate place to buy a product that is offered from South Asia. Fair and Lovely's website does not have the option to make purchases. The cost of this is anywhere between USA $7-$25 depending on the size of the tube and the quantity.

Fair&Lovely BB Ceam


Fair & Lovlely BB Cream

I wish companies stop making brutal products just because they are a trend. Fair & Lovely BB Cream is an example of this. BB Creams are so popular among both young and senior ladies that it has become a must have. This BB Cream was a serious disappointment. One thing you will notice on the tube is that there is no color/shade variation. Like other BB Creams, that have either light, medium or dark shades available, Fair & Lovely BB Cream doesn't have that option. I have medium skin tone with yellow undertones, so I thought of giving this a try. It does have a matte finish for oily skin type. The photo finish of this is either pale or completely white, which may look a little different if your not use to having that kind of photo finish. Will I purchase this again? No! I still have a full tube that I hardly use.

The only other way I can recommend using this is as a concealer. If you have any dark spots, uneven skin tone or even blemishes or scars, it will hide those. Follow these steps to use the BB cream that you already have.

Step 1: Apply your face moisturizer.

Step 2: Apply any other treatments that you use for your face.

Step 3: Apply the Fair & Lovely BB Cream (using as a concealer) only on the imperfections. Do not apply it on acne as it will leave dry patches and make the acne worse.

Step 4: Follow the rest of your foundation routine as necessary.

(Important) Make sure you also use this in little amount!!

Sonal 's Review on Fair&Lovely BB Cream

Fair & Lovely Multivitamin Face Wash


Fair & Lovely Multivitamin Face Wash

This is a better product then the creams that the company makes. This one is said to clear any impurities, clean the dirt on face, give it a glow look with a smooth feel. It has antioxidants that help to remove dirt and oil from the skin leaving it fresh. This face wash is recommended for oily/combination skin only. All Fair & Lovely face products have a tendency to leave the skin super dry. So, none of their products are for dry skin.

I like this face wash. I will buy it again only because it is very gentle on sensitive skin. It has a great floral scent which smells awesome. After the wash the face does feel smooth and clear.

Fair & Lovely Winter Fairness Cream


Fair & Lovely Winter Fairness

I thought of giving this a try as well. I guess I still had hope for this brand. After mix results of other products, it took me a year after this came out to try it. It is to be used in winter for extreme moisturizer. Personally, I don't think it's very moisturizing. I have other moisturizing creams that are probably 10 times better then this. I get very dry skin in winter, and this only does 20% of the job.

The second feature it is suppose to have is the fairness of skin. I don't like the fact that it has a hint of peach color to it. This makes me think that the only way to get fairness is through some light base color. You just can't use this as a cream. Either you use it as a base for your foundation or not use it at all. If you wear it alone, then you will see patches of color variations on your face. And, that is only because of the color that is added.

Lastly, it is said to leave your skin feeling radiant and smooth. I agree with this part only. The cream does have a good texture. I really wish that the ingredients used to make this cream were more appropriate to enjoy the smoothness and radiance of this.

So, is Fair & Lovely worth the hype on television ads?

Nope! I gave the brand multiple chances to see if there is really anything exciting about it's products. It is really disappointing to see such low quality products produce. I wish that the brand would focus more on either acne/blemishes that most individuals face today, with a effective formula though. Or even focus on making a line that would benefit the age group of 40+ individuals who are concern about wrinkles. It would be wiser to tackle a issue that is more realistic rather than "fairness."

These were my views on the Fair&Lovely brand and some of it's products that I've tried. I really wanted to write about this company as there may be other girls like me with some high expectations of these creams.

Thank you for reading this hub! I really do appreciate it! Thank you to every single person who view these articles. It means a lot! Please continue reading my hubs! More great hubs will be written for you to read! With this, I will talk to you guys in my next article.

Be safe!


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