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How To Avoid Lingerie Buyer's Remorse

Updated on October 13, 2009

Now THIS is how shopping should make you feel...

Buyer's remorse is the name given to the low feeling experienced directly after having made a purchase. Lingerie buyer's remorse comes from buying something so pretty you feel you just must have it, then getting it home and realising that you will never wear the item as long as you live.

Curb Your Impulses

Before purchasing any item give yourself a few days downtime. Do you really need another pair of fishnet stockings? Hmm? Do you? If the answer is yes, you can get them tomorrow. Most regretted purchases are made purely on impulse, and upon later reflection, when you are sitting at home with highlighter neon green tights in your hands, you wonder what you were thinking.


You're more likely to feel guilty about your purchase if you blow your budget doing it. Set aside some 'fun money' which is only to be used in lingerie emergencies. Then, when you spot that perfect pair of vintage nylon stockings on Ebay, you can buy with confidence.

Engage The Hunter

Buying is about satisfying the deeply held urge we all have to hunt and gather. But hunting and gathering are not the same thing. Gathering involves picking things up willy nilly, carting them back to the cave and then sorting through them. Gathering is a fairly wooly approach to the shopping process, and it can hurt budgets if indulged in overly.

Hunting, on the other hand, is quite different. When you hunt, you have one goal in mind. One prize. You stalk your way through the aisles (real or virtual), until you spy exactly what you want, then you leap upon it, securing it. Hunting allows you to enjoy the pleasure of shopping without the downside of coming home with bags full of rubbish you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy.

Fight the Guilt

Sometimes, even if you have followed all the steps above. Even if you have planned a purchase for weeks, months even, you may feel guilty after doing the deed. This is natural for some people, and as long as you know that your finances are in order, it is something that you should try to resolve. It can be painful parting with hard earned cash, but you do deserve the nice things in life, and if you have seen to your responsibilities, you should feel free to enjoy a little treat now and then.

So then, there are three stages to making a successful purchase without guilt. Those stages are:

  • Plan,
  • Hunt,
  • Enjoy!


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