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How To Buy Imitation Designer Shoes

Updated on October 13, 2009

I've waxed lyrcial about the overall wonderfulness of designer shoes, but lets face it, we can't all afford to drop $3,000.00 on a pair of shoes. Some of us have to pay rent, or reperations, or perhaps a pesky blackmailer that just won't go away.

In those instances we have to settle for the next best thing, imitation designer shoes. Now when I say imitation designer shoes, I don't mean illegal copies of proprietal designs. I mean legally produced shoes inspired by the designs produced by big name designers. Is my ass sufficiently covered now? I sure hope so.

So then, when we come to purchase imitation designer shoes, we want to be looking for a few things.


Just because they didn't cost you your life savings, there's no reason why your shoes should fall apart five minutes after you buy them. If you're buying heels, this isn't just an issue of economy, it's an issue of safety. A broken heel can send you through a plate glass window before you know where you are, and that's not a pleasant place to be.

Quality imitation designer shoes can be determined by a number of factors. One is the materials used to make the shoes. Are they cheap and thin? Can you see obvious glue lines around the heel and toe? There are good quality imitation style shoes out there, you don't have to purchase the ones which were made by dipping shaved pleather into a vat of glue and hoping for the best.


You're not going to get a designer fit from a pair of non designer shoes, but they should still conform to the general shape of your feet. If you feel like you just slipped your feet into the shoebox rather than a pair of shoes, put them back on the shelf.


Really cheap shoes might look kinda sorta like their higher quality shoe peers, but when you put them on, you feel the difference immediately. If you're buying heels, this can cost you the use of your feet if you're stuck in them all day, so chose carefully. Do that awkward walk around the store a few times, and see how they feel. If you're too shy to do the store walk, or you're a guy buying a pair of pink heels and you're not ready to expose the public to that just yet, take them home and walk around indoors for an hour or so. If they start to pinch and your feet ache, take them back for a refund. They are not the shoes for you, young jedi.


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