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How to Choose the Right Thickness for Your Extension

Updated on August 5, 2019
Ava Haven profile image

When my hair started to thin I decided to wear extensions and spent years studying the world of Remy and Virgin human hair extensions.

If you’re looking to purchase clip-in extensions, you may be wondering what the four different thickness options offered – Thin, Medium, Thicker, Thickest – mean and how to know which set is right for you. This blog post is going to explain the different set options and how to choose the right thickness for your extensions.

Most extensions are either made from 100% Remy Human Hair, or 100% Virgin and Remy Hair and sold in full headsets so you only need to buy once to complete your hair transformation. This means the only difference between the sets is the actual weight and the four different weights: Thin (120 Grams), Medium (160 Grams), Thicker (180 Grams), and Thickest (220 Grams). The weight difference between each set doesn’t refer to the thickness of the hair strand but rather the amount of hair attached to each weft. So a 220 Gram set, for example, has more hair than a 120 Gram set.

Let’s talk a little more about the differences between these weight sets.

Thin: 120 Gram Set

A 120 Gram set is perfect for fine or thin hair and is great if you don’t have a lot of hair naturally and want to add length and volume. Pictured below is a 120 Gram set. Here is a 120 set:

Medium: 160 Gram Set

A 160 Gram set is a great option for those who have a regular, medium thickness of hair and is enough to add just the right amount of hair to your natural hair without it looking unnatural. It’s a great middle-ground set weight and can even be worn by somebody who has thin hair and wants even more volume and length possibilities.

Thicker: 180 Gram Set

The 180 Gram set works well if you have thin to thick hair but is looking to add even more length and volume to create a large braid or other big volume demanding hairstyle that would require a mega amount of hair. Being just slightly more weight than a 160 Gram set, you can often swap 160 Gram sets for 180 Gram sets for special occasions when you might need an extra “oomph” like a wedding or such.

Thickest: 220 Gram Set

Reserved for maximum length potential, a 220 Gram sets are for those with already naturally thick hair and are looking to increase length. If you have medium hair, you can use this set weight for a more dramatic voluminous effect too. Because of the sheer weight, this set is best for length increases rather than volume increases, although you will certainly achieve an instant volume blowout as well. You might wonder why you’d need 220 Grams if you already have thick hair and the reason you’d match your hair volume with a set of equal volume is about blending the extensions in with your natural hair seamlessly. The last thing you want is your ends to look stringy at the bottom and this is how you avoid that.

Remy or Virgin Hair Extensions?

Raw/Virgin human hair is untouched human hair with absolutely no chemical or steam processes used to achieve a certain color or texture. The textures of Raw/Virgin hair will be naturally occurring and you may, in fact, find a strand of grey hair in these extensions. These hair extensions are Remy with a cuticle running in the same direction, from one single donor.

Remy hair is hair with the hair’s cuticles running in the same direction, from one single donor.


Keep in mind that each set has its own purposes and choosing a smaller weight set isn’t better or worse. It all depends upon your natural hair thickness and your hair goals. Clip-Ins and Tape-Ins in come in lengths of 18, 20, 22, 24 inches for every hair length. Even though you can install Clip-Ins without the need of a hairstylist, if you have layers or short hair, it might be best to go to a professional to make the transition smooth as possible.

Well, I hope you now have a much better understanding of the four different weights offered on extensions so you’re better equipped during your hair transformation in achieving your dream hair.


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