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How To Choose Your First Tattoo Design

Updated on February 9, 2012

How to go about choosing your first bit of ink.....

So, you've decided to get your first piece of body art huh?

I'm sure there are many questions buzzing around inside, I know there was when I made the choice.

Am I doing the right thing?

Have I chosen the right design?

Will I be happy with it?

All of these questions pop up in anyone's mind for at least a split second when deciding to get 'inked'. But as long as you answer all of them, you will walk away with a piece of work you will be pleased with and happy to keep and show off if the mood takes you!!

If you have got to the stage where you are looking at designs then I think its safe to say you have given the situation some thought, so as for the initial question of 'am I doing the right thing' I'm sure you have already answered this to an extent.

Choosing the right design is crucial, you have to be 100% happy with every aspect of it as it will be emblazoned on your body permanently once started. The best advice I can offer is to do a lot of research on the type of tattoo you are looking to get. Whether it is writing, tribal, old school, new school, bio-mechanical, true art, or even symbols, it is important to exhaust all the avenues that the design could follow.

Sit down with your tattoo artist, if you have chosen your artist, there is a good chance you will have seen their previous work, if you haven't then do so!!! Artist's can vary massively in abilities and you want to make sure your piece is the best it can be.

Some artists are renowned for their portrait work i.e Kat Von D from Miami and L.A Ink respectively, other artists are natural all-rounders like Chris Garver also off of Miami Ink.

I point these out for reference only, these are obviously talented artists in their own respect but their styles are not every-body's taste. Getting a tattoo is all about being individual so I advise you to sit down and create a unique design with the artist and give them as much free reign as possible. They are the artist, the creators, these are the people you are going to trust to put the design onto your body, so you have to be happy and comfortable with them, because if your not, then their not the right artist for you.

If you have chosen the right artist and both agreed on a design that you are happy with getting and they are happy to give you, then the thought of 'will I be happy with it' shouldn't be an issue. Obviously I know a lot of people who have had tattoo's done on the cheap and regretted it, then had to pay to have it rectified to a level that they were happy with.

Tattooing is the same as any occupation, generally, you get what you pay for. And personally I would much rather pay an extra £100 on top to ensure I get what I want at the first time of asking.

Listen to your artist, let them tell you what they think, after all they are the professionals, they can offer good advice and give your ideas life instead of being just drawings on a page.

Tattoo's hurt, no two ways about it. But they are not unbearable, some can get that way though but it really is down to the individual and their own pain threshold. You should bear this in mind for your first piece though because you don't wanna be having a full back piece for you first piece of pain!! Just keep it in mind, your artist will guide you, give you advice and help you through the process so pay attention to them.

All in all I have over ten tattoo's now and love every one of them, I had the first one over 13 years ago and I still like it just as much as my new pieces. I designed all of my tattoo's and have memories of all of them. Each tattoo represents a time in your life so it deserves to be the best it can be.

There is no rush, take your time and make sure of everything, it is going to be on YOUR body so it is your responsibility. Choose carefully and above all its meant to be fun, even if it does smart a little.....


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