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How To Clean Jewelry At Home

Updated on August 30, 2011

To clean our jewelry is very vital and every woman has craving to wear an eyecatching and astonishing jewelry. Many people forget to unsoiled their jewelry which not only makes their jewelry none luminous but it also loses its innovation and brightness.

If u avoids cleaning your jewelry, then your valuable thing can turn tedious through frequent utilize. When you put on your precious jewelry it get touched straight to your skin oil, where they pick up lotions, perfumes and ultimately it becomes fairly grubby.

Placing your jewelry in a closet or hoard devoid of any artificial protection for an extended period may cause a coating of dust over your jewelry. As far as silver is concerned corrosion can be produced over your jewelry and your precious thing can lose its attractiveness everlastingly. It will be bliss for you if you begin using the correct methods to keep your jewelry spotless and protected for the life span.

Diamond Ring
Diamond Ring

How To Clean Diamonds?

Many people might believe diamond does not entail any cleaning procedure because diamonds are the hardest material. But the fact is every substance needs cleaning procedure and diamond can also get smudged like any other substances.

Here are some diverse methods to unsoiled diamond which are discussed below:

Foamy Water

Take temperate water and put in some dishwashing gel in to it. Start mixing it softly and steep your jewelry in to that water.

Take an old toothbrush and locate it only for cleaning purpose and smoothly rub your jewelry with that brush. Now rinse your jewelry with humid running water, and then lay your jewelry on a dried up cloth for a while in order to make it arid.

Ammonia Water

Take distilled water in a small bowl and add little quantity of ammonia in it. Be cautious while choosing the extent of ammonia because in excess of ammonia can take the vividness of jewelry away.

The jewelry must be washed off very vigilantly after immersing the jewelry in that water and make certain that you have cleaned the jewelry very properly.

Specially while cleaning the silver and gold for the reason that if some of the solution left on it, metal may react with ammonia and can tarnish it.

You are recommended to use distilled water instead of tap water because tap water contains some contamination which may react with ammonia and can lighten the vividness of jewelry.

How To Clean A Diamond Ring

How To Clean Pearl?

To maintain the gleam of pearl it must be worn as frequently as probable. Never plunge your pearl jewelry in water as it possibly will lighten the vividness of it.

The finest easy method is to get a soft cloth moisturized with thinned dishwashing liquid and just wipe your jewelry gently.

Cleaning Pearl Tutorial

How To Clean Gold?

Avoid wearing gold while swimming because chlorine might make it tedious.

In order to clean gold, take distilled temperate water and add some dishwashing liquid in to it then dip gold in that water, after that clean it with plain warm water and dried out.

Costume Jewelry bracelet.
Costume Jewelry bracelet.

How To Clean Costume Jewelry?

Costume jewelry requires particular and cautious concentration since few of them are prepared with special cement and can get scratched by insensitive cleaners.

Take a damp cloth and mop the grime smoothly and tenderly and then dried up. Do not employ hot water it can harm the jewelry.

How To Clean Gold Chains

How To Clean Platinum Jewelry?

Platinum jewelry has no as such firm and speedy cleaning process; it can be cleaned in the identical way or technique like gold and silver.

Soak the jewelry in humid water and massage it lightly with an old tooth brush and then dried. Harsh cleaners are really first-class for stones or diamond.

How To Clean Silver?

Abundance of silver polish is obtainable in market in order to clean silver. Take away your silver jewelry before swimming because chlorine water can make it tarnish.

In order to avoid tarnish wear silver as often as probable or if you don’t desire to employ so much frequently then buy some small zip lock bags, cover your jewelry first with plastic and then put it into zip lock bags. Do not use toothpaste for cleaning the silver because it may produce rust on it.

Some Useful Instructions

Never wear your jewelry while gardening, swimming or doing house work which involves straight get in touch with grime.

It may cause a deposit of dirt over your jewelry and tarnish it. Never employ intense cleaners, always use distilled water while cleaning your jewelry.

At all times examine your jewelry from time to time or do not place your all jewelry in the same container because they can figure scrapes that are not so simple to eliminate. 


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    • mysisters profile image


      7 years ago

      Great Hub. I have actually tried the Ultrasonic Cleaner and it does work pretty good. I love the way my jewelry looks when its cleaned. Looks brand new!

    • charmstotreasure profile image


      8 years ago

      Yep, use toothpaste here too. Good tips!

    • hassam profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Pakistan

      It is indeed a good way to clean jewelry!

    • ScientificGear profile image


      8 years ago

      An effective tool for cleaning jewelry at home is the ultrasonic cleaner. It even cleans your other materials! It is safe for almost all semi-precious stones. Only avoid it when cleaning fragile gemstones.


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