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How To Cure Acne Permanently.

Updated on June 12, 2013

Acne.... Ouch..


Today Acne has generated a whole entire industry of high price dermatologist and companies who sell these very expensive medication which work as long as you use them. If you can relate to what i am talking about, you have probably tried creams, lotions, scrubs, laser treatments and even oral antibiotics.

Here's why these company's thrive though,

  • Acne makes people lose confidence.
  • Acne makes people look less attractive in a society purely based on glamour and fashion.
  • Acne scars might be permanent
  • The treatments and products they offer are temporary.

Many people think that acne is cause by factors such as hormones ( usually for teens and woman during their premenstrual period), genetic, skin allergy, type of food we eat, but none of them focus on a bigger issue that is contributing to acne.

The larger side of acne is associated with digestive tract. Yes, you heard it right, don't get me wrong above factors do contribute but on a lesser extent.

Your gastrointestinal tract is primary organ responsible for dumping out toxins. When its is overloaded it finds a way through your sebaceous gland , the oil secreting gland, to dispose it. Which finally results into acne bumps.

So I am going to show you steps to get rid of acne for once and for all, by cleaning out your digestive tract.

For Woman Suffering From Premenstrual Breakouts

Fatty Acids: Most of patients who suffer from acne are adult woman. These women who are in their mid thirties break out 2 to 3 days before their period, who suffer from cynical amount of acne, which are hard to get rid off.

So consume fatty acids from any sources such as fish,boarge or flax seed or all of them combine into one.

Not only you're gonna observe good results with regards to acne but also women's hair and nails are going to get stronger, will have fewer irregularity with their periods and have better good night sleep. While you will feel more confident and beauty with improved overall libido.

An Anti- Acne Program For Teens

One of popular Beverly hill pharmacist says that there are many other ways to cure acne. He suggests to consume nutritional supplements such as vitamins and minerals. So here are the recommendation:-

1) B-complex vitamins: Excellent to fit stress which contribute to skin problem.

2) Vitamin C: It is absolutely necessary for health of collagen.

3) Vitamin E: This is no brainier, Vitamin E is major part of skin nutrient.

4) Zinc: This is most important mineral of all, for healthy skin, especially for boys.

5) Beta- Carotene- A form of vitamin A, helps skin from bacteria, which are responsible for itchy feeling.

Recommended Doses

100 miligrams
Vitamin C
3000 Miligrams
Vitamin E
400 IU
15 Miligrams
15 Miligrams

Clear Up Digestion

In Chinese culture acne is seen as problem associated with your Chi circulation, which is important component of your body and mind energy. Acne happens when flow of "liver chi" gets stagnant.

So try knowing your chi's first. Try acupressure treatment if you can afford, which apart from acne and digestion tract correction also eliminates all the toxicity in your body once and for all.

Recommended visits : Twice A week for 1 month.

If your familiar with your chi and acupressure i am pretty sure you have the knowledge to how to unblock your chi's and do it at home by yourself.

Herbal Formula

If you prefer herbal remedies i got something for you as well. Both culktures eastrn and western have accepted to the fact that herbs can cure many human conditions , acne being one of them. So here's the step to create that cleansing formula.

1) Collect herbs as follows :

  • Red clover
  • burdock
  • yellow dock
  • dang gui
  • milk thistle
  • cleavers
  • schisandra
  • echinacea
  • licorice

2) Bring 1 quart of water and start boiling it .

3) Mix the herbs into water

4) Boil it for 30 minutes

And your formula is ready.

Recommended dose : Drink two cups a day for 1 month.

After reading this hub which possible measure would you choose?

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Try them out and let me know, i am not writing this particular hub for sake of printing some quick bucks, but in my teenage years i suffered through major acne, did not feel as good about me and after having this knowledge i would like to help out people who do suffer from them or are tried of the disillusion products sold by these big companies.

As always any suggestions is always accepted. If you have any success story with other processes , leave a comment, i would love to share that experience with you.

Thank You.


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