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How To Cure Sweaty Feet Using Natural Methods

Updated on February 12, 2011

How To Cure Sweaty Feet

There are several things that you can do to cure sweaty feet using natural methods. Try each option individually or grouped together to see what works best for you.

Sweaty feet can cause embarrassment especially if it is accompanied by a lingering foot odour. It is not pleasant and can make you feel very self conscious if you are in a group of people and someone suddenly screws up their nose due to some emanating foul odour.

Once you know what causes sweaty palms and feet and excessive underarm sweating, you can start to look at treatments to cure it. Here are some options you can try to eliminate sweaty feet.

Wear Open Toe Shoes

Your feet need space to breathe so open toe shoes are a solution. If possible wear this type of footwear as often as possible. This should help to reduce sweating because the air can circulate around your toes allowing them to dry up any perspiration.

Find the right cure for sweaty feet
Find the right cure for sweaty feet

Wash Feet Daily

Make it part of your daily routine to wash your feet thoroughly. It may sound silly to have to point it out but many people step into the shower and happily clean the upper part of their body but tend to neglect their feet.

They seem to think that because they are standing under the shower and their feet are surrounded by water, that this is enough to ensure that they are well attended to.

There are several products available on the market specifically created to target and treat sweating hands and feet. Look for a medicated soap or liquid gel that has been formulated to help combat the onset of sweaty smelly feet.

Wear Cotton Socks

If you want to help reduce sweaty foot syndrome, stop buying cheap synthetic socks. These do not allow air to circulate around your body freely. Stick with good quality cotton socks. Natural fibres have a good built in ventilation system. They will help stop the build up of sweat and because they allow the skin to breathe, should eliminate the associated smell.

Stop sweaty feet today
Stop sweaty feet today

Change Your Socks Daily

It is very important to change your socks every day. Bacteria builds up on a daily basis so if you put on the same socks two days in a row you can just exacerbate your problems.

A fresh clean pair of socks on fresh clean feet is the best solution.

When you find a way to get rid of sweaty feet, you will feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. Look online for more handy tips and solutions to cure sweaty feet.


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  • profile image

    Kim 6 years ago

    are there no herbal treatment that can cure this such sweatness??

  • profile image

    Mary-Ann 7 years ago

    mhh... how long-lasting are such methods? Isn't it better to wear special cedarsoles permanently inside your shoes? It's maybe more comfortable. Any experiences?

  • profile image

    larsen 8 years ago

    i like it!!!!