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How To Cut A Shag Haircut

Updated on February 16, 2010
Ashton Kutcher Shag Haircut
Ashton Kutcher Shag Haircut

If you want a style that doesn't look like everyone else's, then know how to cut a shag haircut and this is the real thing' as you notice, usual shag styles are one haircut that's very solid to require no time to maintain and fix your hair . In addition, this is appropriate for most type of hair

Nevertheless, this is not only an easy to care and maintain type of haircut, shags fits long, short or medium lengths. This is known for having many layers cut little by little shorter as you go closer to the crown of your head. Back in 1970s, it became popular and still so hip nowadays.

Once your hair is cut and layered, it gives a shaggy look. This stylish and exciting cut suitable for any facial shapes and works well across all color choices from blond, black to chestnut brown and others. Additionally, shag hairstyles are flexible and allow you to manage your hair easily in your own unique fashion statement. What could a girl long for her hair? Shaggy hairstyles allow you to tuck your hair behind your ears or shrink it away with fancy hairclips or other hair accessories of your choice.

When it comes to this type of haircut choices and styles, there's a variety of lengths to be considered. You could wear the long, medium or short, cut range.

You should inform your hairstylist that he or she should give you a shag hairstyle based on the shape of your face --- the layers should complement your face. It usually has jerky, narrowed ends having layers at front and back. This will need touchups once in 6-8 weeks. However, if you're curly headed, stave off from this style because it has a tendency to frizziest.

Now if you desire for a sexy, daring, messy style then choose curly shag. Although this is not for the fine haired. Naturally layers are kept long and a razor is used rather than scissors to have a tresses texture. Finish this with dding curls anytime you want using a curling iron.

You'll often see teenage girls hanging out at malls with sporty, trendy short shag hairstyles such styles highlight the eyes, and leave a soft and womanly look. These hairstyles have lots of layers on the front and top of your head, with fewer layers towards the back that gives a more appealing and sexy look. Its popularity might be due to the fact that even when ruined, still looks alright and all you have to do is to apply small amount of gel or hair spray for a different look and style.

Lastly, you should advice your stylist to consider the shape of your face and the type of your hair before cutting in the layers which are the mark of this haircut. Carefully remove and thin out the volume of your hair to create the preferred layered look.

Be bold, daring and sexy' wear shag hairstyles and know how it is done...

Shag Haircut Pictures

Boy's shaggy hair
Boy's shaggy hair
Sexy Shag hairstyle
Sexy Shag hairstyle
Shag haircut
Shag haircut
Zac Efron Shag haircut
Zac Efron Shag haircut


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