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Eliminate Your Closet Headache

Updated on April 12, 2017

Is There a Battle Every Time You Open Your Closet Door?

If you get a headache from engaging in a battle every time you open your closet door. Then it's time for you to take an inventory of your clothing and discard the undesirable and improper fitting items.

This task should be done periodically. So you can obtain the optimum use of every article in your wardrobe.

There it is!

Additionally, you’ll probably discover apparel that you’ve been searching for beneath tangled piles of clothing.

Plus, you’ll gain valuable insight into your sense of style, your color and texture preferences, and wardrobe missteps.

Firstly, collect all of your clothing from the closet and place it on a clean surface.

Include the following:

1. Frequently worn clothing.

2. The apparel hanging in the closet that is seldom worn.

3.The clothing on the floor.

4. The clothing stored in plastic bags.

Sort the Clothes into Separate Piles

Next sort the clothing into separate piles of tops, blouses, shirts, dresses, skirts, etc.

If you come across damaged clothing or clothing that is literally falling apart throw it away.

(Joynitt BlogSpot)
(Joynitt BlogSpot) | Source

Here comes the difficult part of this project. Which is selecting the items you wish to keep from the various piles. Place these garments into similar piles on the opposite side of the room.

Try the Items On!

Try the items on. You may have gained or lost weight and some of the clothing may no longer fit.

If the garment doesn't fit, place it on the discard side of the room. This task might be troublesome for sentimental reasons. But keep in mind you’re removing clutter from your closet as well as your home.

( | Source

The Discard Piles

At this point, you're probably looking at mountains of clothing and wondering what to do.

If there are some lovely designer pieces in the discard piles. Contact the consignment stores in your area and learn about their selling processes. Or you can sell the items on eBay.

Perhaps your family and friends may be interested in the remaining items. Or you can donate the apparel to local charities. Otherwise, why not have a yard sale.

The Final Step

The final editing step involves rehanging the clothing you decided to keep. Of course, there may be some items that require cleaning. In general, an earnest wardrobe edit should reduce your total wardrobe by 30 to 50 percent.

After the Wardrobe Edit

The purchase of some colorful tops or blouses, striking jewelry, sashes, and belts can provide a boost to your newly edited wardrobe.

Incidentally, a savvy seamstress or cutting-edge tailor can revamp the dated clothing you desire to retain. Just by removing the sleeves, adding some seams here and there, opening up the neck areas, or shortening the hemlines.

© 2014 Irma Cowthern


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