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How To Find A Great Hair Stylist

Updated on June 3, 2010
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Have you moved to a new area? Or has your stylist of many years moved away? Or are you just trying to find some one that will listen to your needs? Whatever the reason sometimes we find our self looking for a hair stylist that will help us achieve the best look for us. With this said let’s begin the task of finding a stylist for us.

First asking others in the supermarket who cuts your hair is not always the best start. You must take into consideration their hair texture and density. Also their stylist might only cut that shape well. So I believe that the best place to start is to phone several salons in your area ask them for a consultation. Most good salons will offer a new client a complementary consultation. Tell the receptionist about your hair type and a little about what you might desire in a stylist. Many salons offer every type of stylist from just out of school to master hair designers. Some people prefer a male while many prefer a female. The receptionist then can match you with the proper person for the consult.

Always arrive at least 15 minutes early and watch what is going on in the salon. If you see a stylist with a great hair cut ask who cut their hair. During your consultation a good stylist should define your face shape, hair texture, and hair density and growth pattern. They should analyze your face shape by dividing your face into three areas, from your hairline to the brow line, from the brow line to the tip of your nose, from the tip of your nose to the chin. If any areas are larger they should make suggestions to diminish those areas if any areas are smaller they should make suggestions to open or enlarge those areas. Ask questions like, does the stylist have a personal portfolio? Has their work ever been published? If you like what you hear book an appointment for a service leave and later call back and cancel the booking. Note how you are treated if the receptionist gladly removes your booking and is helpful phone back another day and rebook, If the receptionist seems put out about the cancellation or tries to reschedule the booking, be leery the salon may not have a strong client base and be desperate to hook a new client.

 If all of these aspects work out you can feel confident that this salon might be right for you. Most salons and stylists will show their true colors when using these principles if any part of this process goes wrong try another salon or another stylist at the same salon. After all there are many salons and stylists near you and you want to find one that not only can do the work but appreciate your business.

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I spent 2hrs with a upscale salon owner and Stylist asking him questions to make this Hub. Was this Time well spent?

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