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How to Lock Dreadlock Style Ends- Crochet Hair Locking Method

Updated on November 21, 2013

How To Lock and Finish Dreadlock Style Ends

There is nothing worse than great dreadlocks with unfinished ends. There are many people that have grown out of chemicals have curly hair or have applied temporary dreadlocks. However, there is no need to go unfinished.

Making dread locks look good is not a great mystery when you have the right tools. Stop unsightly dreads by using crochet needle method. Everyone with all texture, even straight hair can get dreadlocks as long as the method is used.

Lack of knowledge and experience is the reasons that dread lock ends are not uniform with the rest of your dreadlocks once finished.

Dreadlock Hairstyles are not Completed Unless Your Ends Are Finished

When the end of your dreads are loose for various reasons a crochet needle and some palm rolling will have them looking great again. Don't worry we all can have great ends with just the right technique.

  • relaxed hair on ends
  • naturally finer ends
  • curly ends
  • temporary dreadlocks
  • out of control hair

I don't like the techniques where you have to burn your synthetic extension ends because of the rough texture. You want your dreadlocks to feel great to the touch all the way to the end.

I highly recommend you use the crochet hook to finish your ends. You can also make dreadlocks with the crochet hook, repair dreadlocks with the crochet hook , so of course it makes since to finish your dread lock ends with the crochet hook.

I believe that anyone that wants to start dread locks, no matter how they are made should carry this tool in case of emergencies. Just imagine the horror of a broken dread lock ! No worries if you have this tool on hand. Save your dread lock and re-attache later.

How To Finish Your Dreadlock Style With Crochet Method

  1. Backcomb or back rub your ends into a padded nub.
  2. Rub between your fingers to neaten and lay hairs down.
  3. Insert crochet hook while rolling between your fingers.
  4. Insert in angle to prevent harming skin.
  5. Use in and out motions until all hair is firm and neat.
  6. Palm Roll with a little pomade. (Optional)

How To Lock Dreads Lock Ends

Dreadlock Style Locking Tool - Small Crochet Needle

It take some practice to get used to using a dread crochet needle as a dreadlock tool. But this is now a dreadlock tool that you will want to keep handy if you want to get all dread locks locked.

The dread crochet hook is also used to pull hair through a color cap in some hair salon. You can get a set of three from a Sally's beauty supply for about $8 or a single one for less than a dollar.

I prefer you pay more money to get the five in the pack. I find that the single needle will puncture and scratch your fingers while you are learning or are working quickly. You will also have your choice of the best size needle for the density of the dreadlocks you want to lock.

You can also try the fabric stores that carry yarn supplies. Remember you will have to find the perfect size that is easy to be removed from the dreadlock and is easy to move in and out freely while dreading your hair, this is why the 5 pack is perfect at Sally's Beauty Supply. Good luck! You now know How to Lock Dreadlocks.

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Resource: - Pick up your Quality Loc Soc to cover and prodtect your dreadlocks. For more dreadlock maintenance and haircare information for more about healthy hair care.


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