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How To Get A Stuck Ring Off A Finger

Updated on March 21, 2010

Stuck Ring?

A year or so ago, we had a stuck ring problem in our home. Whilst trying to establish the ring size of my other half, I suggested that he try on a ring of mine that was too big for me on anything other than my thumb. He did and sure enough, once over the middle finger joint, the ring got stuck and wouldn't come off again.

What made the situation funny was that the ring was quite bling for a man. A full diamond eternity ring might not look out of place on the fingers of the male celebrity world, but not on my man. It's definitely me who wears the diamonds in this relationship!

We tried for several days to get the ring off of his finger, but absolutely nothing worked. I trawled the net for solutions and tried every single one that I found, but the stuck ring just would not budge. We had to tape over the ring for when he went to work as it just looked so bling and wrong.

Getting A Stuck Ring Off Of A Finger

Here's what we tried:

  1. Smother the finger with a rich hand cream and wiggle the ring about.
  2. Wet the hand and apply dish washing liquid to the finger. Lather and try to turn the ring gently off.
  3. If the finger is swollen, soak the hand in cold water, it should take the swelling down. Then use liquid soap, shower gel or dish washing liquid to ease the ring off.
  4. Smother the finger in oil and try to ease the ring from the finger.
  5. Hold your hand above heart level in the air, if the finger is swollen this may reduce it.
  6. Wind some dental floss just below the ring to the joint tightly, this should make the finger smaller. Gently ease the ring down over the floss.

None of these worked for us.

How We Got The Ring Off

Hopefully the ring is off, but if not then this is the solution that we had to use. It was quite painful, but it was the only thing that worked for us.

  • Hold your hand above heart level to hopefully reduce swelling. The more we tried to remove the ring, the more the finger was swollen.
  • Apply something slippery such as the products mentioned above, I believe that we used oil.
  • Hold the finger out straight and push on the underneath of the ring to hopefully create a tiny gap between the top of the finger and ring.
  • Gently ease the top of the ring slightly forward. We're talking a millimeter at a time.
  • Now push the top of the ring down to create a gap at the bottom of the ring. Ease the bottom of the ring forward slightly.
  • Repeat pushing the alternate top and bottom and easing forward.
  • Once you get to the joint, bend the finger slightly.
  • Keep applying oil or your chosen product and it should make the ring come off faster, but be patient, this method does require a bit of effort.

This is the only method that worked for us, as the ring was stuck fast. If nothing else has worked then it's worth trying this tip. Sometimes a ring is just so precious that the thought of having it cut can be distressing. However, if your finger is swollen and the ring is cutting into you, I would recommend having it cut off ASAP.

Using a ring sizer is a must from now on.
Using a ring sizer is a must from now on.


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    • moonbun profile image

      moonbun 7 years ago from London

      You're welcome!

      Glad that it worked for you, thanks for taking the time to comment :)

    • profile image

      tdt 7 years ago

      You are right, (though mine was just stuck overnight from the salt in the delicious salad at Pasta House)this method really does work. Once I started pressing up and down, the it actually started moving. Within five minutes, the ring was off.

      You're a life/ring saver!!!THANKS

    • moonbun profile image

      moonbun 7 years ago from London

      Glad that it worked for you. We tried everything and this was the only method that not only worked but that came close to getting the ring off. Patience is indeed key!

      Thanks for commenting :)

    • profile image

      amck 7 years ago

      It worked! Thanks for posting the solution. You are right, you need to be patient.

    • moonbun profile image

      moonbun 8 years ago from London

      Sounds horrible, I hope that you got your rings off without too much pain.

      Thanks for the comment :)

    • RGraf profile image

      Rebecca Graf 8 years ago from Wisconsin

      Oh, my. I think most of have had that problem. Mine was when I had a reaction to some medicine and my rings got stuck. That was not a pleasant experience.