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How To Get Black Hair Weave Styles

Updated on July 15, 2011

How to get black hair weave styles

Have you ever wanted those highly desirable and chic weave hair styles for your jet black hair? Do not know how to do it? Have no fear for this article is here! There are tons of weave hairstyles for black hair doing the rounds now and each hairstyle looks great on every individual. But the amount of time and money you spend on getting one all depends on your choices. Here is a word of caution, creating a weave style for your hair by yourself may look a little messy and unprofessional depending on how well you do it. Therefore, for a proper weave get it done in a salon, but for a quick fix weave style for your hair, read on.

Care For Damaged Hair

Steps for Getting A Black Weave Hairstyle

Step 1:

Synthetic hair: Firstly you must braid in some synthetic hair. Braiding must be done very carefully and choose only high and good quality synthetic hair for braiding. The size of the braiding does not matter as you can do micro mini braids, small braids, big braids, straight braids or even twisted braids. If you scalp is weak, try not to be too rough while braiding. A word of advice here: Oiling your hair before braiding is recommended as it strengthens your scalp, smoothens and lubricates your hair making the process of braiding easier.

Step 2:

Cornrow weaves: Be organized and try to weave your hair in a way similar to way cornrows are placed. Take hair from one row and braid it and do the same for the remaining hair. Depending on the length of your hair, choose whether to go in for extensions or not.

Step 3:

Interlocking weaves: Probably one of the most popular weave styles, interlocking form of braiding gives you greater comfort and flexibility. Interlock rows of your braided hair and for extra effect leave a portion of cornrow weaves at the bottom to give you that fashionable look. With this type of braiding, you choose if you want all your hair to be interlocking braided or only half of it to be. Patterns can be created and leaving it straight can also a good option.

Step 4:

Curly weaves: Another very popular form of weave style, curly waves are best done by a professional hair stylist as it requires a bit of detailed work and things you cannot do by yourself such as sewing and bonding.

Step 5:

The last resort: If your date is a few minutes away and you need an instant weave hairstyle, try using bonding glue to get your desired style. This however may be shoddy and not look good and I would not recommend it. Sometimes, wearing a wig could also be better!

Proper care of maintenance of your weaves is a must in order to keep them in the best shape possible. Try using a moisturizer or a shiny potion on your hair to add some shine to your weaves and make it stand out. Once you achieve your desired style, do not sleep without covering your hair with a cloth or scarf!

Best of luck with your weaves!

Black Hair Weaves

Hair Weave Hairstyles


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      I love does hair styles

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      alisha 6 years ago

      that looks very good

    • profile image

      HAM 7 years ago

      wat happen to her eye lol

    • profile image

      Karen 7 years ago

      Yes the wonders of the weave, helps give all of us women a little extra edge ;)

    • Jezzzz profile image

      Jezzzz 8 years ago

      No, I don't do hair.

    • Lady_E profile image

      Elena 8 years ago from London, UK

      Very interesting Hub. Just out of curiosity, do you do weaves? There are some men who are very talented in this area.