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How To Get Tanned, Glowing Skin

Updated on September 2, 2017

How To Get Tanned, Glowing Skin

Spray Tan, Self Tanner, and Bronzers: A Beautiful Tan is at Your Fingertips

You can’t help but admire those Hollywood starlets with the effortlessly tan and glowing skin. But how do they pull it off? Do they spend their days poolside with a magazine and cocktail in hand? Although a little poolside sunshine can give us a little glow, being a sun worshipper isn’t how to get that awesome glowing skin (unless we want to become dry and wrinkled). Hollywood starlets have found the magic of spray tan and self tanning products along with the use of awesome makeup techniques to create the effect of beautiful glowing skin. Following are a couple of tips to incorporate into your routine, so that you can have that Hollywood glow too.

No More Unsightly Tan Lines!


Spray Tan

Forget about tanning beds that are harsh and potentially dangerous for skin. Spray tan is the new craze…and no wonder! You step into a booth, and 5 minutes later…(abracadabra!)…you’re tan!

Spray tan, is similar to a self tanner you would apply at home; (A cosmetic, that comes in the form of an aerosol spray or a lotion that temporarily stains skin a darker shade) however, the tanning solution is applied for you, either by a machine, or a trained technician. Spray tans can last anywhere from 5 days to 2 weeks. One spray tan application can cost anywhere from $15 USD to $40 USD depending on where you live, and the tanning salon you visit.

While the spray tan can be pretty magical, there are a couple things to keep in mind before opting for spray tan for your next big event.

  1. If you’re getting spray tan for a party or event, do a trial run a few weeks prior to the big event. By doing this, you can make sure that you like the way a spray tan looks on your skin and you like the tanning salon. You can also discover how many days after the spray tan application, that your skin looks most natural. (Spray tan usually looks best 2 to 4 days after application.
  2. Don’t go more than 3 shades darker than you’re natural skin tone. You want to look like a glowing version of yourself, not a different person altogether! That’s why it’s important not to go over the top with the spray tan. The rule of 3, is a good rule to stick to: if you can’t get that tan naturally in the sun, then it won’t look natural on your skin.
  3. Be sure to use the lotion they provide for your hands and feet as to avoid unnatural darkening to those areas. (The hands and feet absorb tanning solution more than the rest of our skin). If in doubt, ask the employees for assistance.
  4. If unnatural dark spots appear after your spray tan, use lemon juice or baby oil to blend. Also most tanning salons sell a solution you can use to remove and blend dark spots.

Self Tanner

As previously mentioned, self tanner is a cosmetic, sold over the counter, that can be applied as a spray or lotion, to temporarily stain the skin and create the illusion of a tan.

There may be success stories out there about self tanner, but there are also a lot of disaster stories. If you do opt to apply self tanner, be sure to test it on a section of your body first (stomach is ideal). If there are no tanning salons in your area, or spray tanning is out of your budget, self tanner could be an option to consider. Following are a few ideas to keep in mind.

  1. If you do decide to use a self tanner, make sure it is a high quality product. Research the product online before purchasing it. Customer reviews are a great tool to determine if a product is right for you.
  2. Gently exfoliate your skin before application. A loofah and oatmeal soap should do the trick.
  3. Be careful around the feet and hands. For more natural results, consider applying lotion or Vaseline to hands and feet before applying self-tanner. Also, wash your hands after application.
  4. If unnatural dark spots do occur, use lemon juice or baby oil to remove and/or blend.
  5. Consider using a moisturizer with tanner. These are lotions that contain less self tanning agents, in order to deliver a more gradual tanning effect. Tanning moisturizers can be applied like regular lotion, however, they contain ingredients that create a natural looking tan. To avoid discoloring your hands, be sure to wash them after application.

How to Apply Self-Tanner

That Healthy-looking Sun-Kissed Glow



Think “Jennifer Lopez” and you’ll know how amazing bronzer can be to create a natural looking glow. Bronzer is a cosmetic, similar to blush, that can be applied to the face, neck, chest, to create a healthy looking glow. While bronzer can be an amazing tool for your makeup kit, it can also be disastrous, when used poorly. Read the following tips before attempting a “bronzed” look.

  1. Choose the right bronzer. While bronzer can come in a gel or lotion form, I highly recommend a powder bronzer. Additionally, while you want to create a beautiful, glow, you don’t want it to look unnatural: so choose a bronzer that is 1 to 2 shades deeper than your natural skin tone.
  2. Apply your bronzer correctly. Thinking the more bronzer the better, is a makeup no no, unless you want to join the cast of “Jersey Shore”. Instead, apply bronzer to places where the sun naturally hits your face. Sweep the bronzer gently over the tops of your cheek bones, your nose, jaw line, forehead, and eyelids.
  3. Don’t Forget about your neck and chest. A natural looking tan, should include even looking skin from head to toe. That means it’s essential to blend the bronzer into your neck and chest. After applying bronzer to the jaw line, gently blend into the neck area. Ideally, you can use the product that is leftover on your brush from the application on your face, to softly dust over the neck area. After blending into the neck, get more product to lightly dust your chest, focusing on your collar bone. For a special night out, follow with a shimmer powder or lotion on your chest and arms.
  4. Accent the bronzer with the right lip gloss and eye makeup. To make your tanned skin pop, dust a golden or champagne colored eye shadow over your lower lid and into the socket line of your eye. Follow, with a little shimmer under your brow, in the inner corner of your eye, and above your cheekbone. Finish off the look with an ultra shiny gloss and a sweep of black mascara for that “J.Lo Glow”!

So the next time you see a bronzed beauty with impossibly tan and gorgeous skin, don’t get mad, get even. You don’t need to spend hours in the sun to get that beautiful tan, and with recent studies proving the harming effects of too much sun, you shouldn’t want to. By incorporating a few of these simple techniques, you too can have beautiful, glowing skin that’s Hollywood worthy.

How to Apply Bronzer


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