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How To Grow Hair Natural/Relaxed/Texlaxed

Updated on October 3, 2014


Growing hair can seem to be difficult or easy for some depending on the way you feel about your hair personally. Women from all over the world, different ages and walks of life have different types, textures and outlooks on how growing healthy beautiful hair can be done. If your hair is not properly taken care of, you will notice that your hair starting to get dry, dull, ends would split easily and hair growth decreasing (or so it seems).

My Hair Journey

I decided to start my own hair journey doing protective styles. It took me years to figure out what I was doing wrong and how to transition smoothly to my natural strands again. I will be sharing these tips with you. But just to let the viewers know, I am currently transitioning so these will be fresh tips that I'm using now to see results.

I am currently 8 months post relaxer. I'm so proud of myself because I can finally see the true texture of my hair. My mother put my first perm in my hair at the age of 8. My hair was BSL at the time when she did put the perm in. I never had problems with my scalp being really dry and I did not have split ends. As time went by I started to notice that I was losing my natural hair shine and that my ends started to become brittle. One day, There was a lady in the apartment building that we stayed in that said she knew how to do hair. Though I did not see her work before, my mom was eager to get my hair done because she didn't feel like doing it herself. I remember siting in the chair feeling nervous because something did not feel right.

The lady began to comb my hair out, (root to end) which is not the way that hair is supposed to be combed. Long and short hair should be combed from the tip to the roots. Then she permed my hair, leaving it in for to long which caused a burning sensation to my scalp. After perming, she straight ironed my hair with a hot come(the kind you put on a stove) which smelled like she was literally burning my hair. Proceeding to twist my hair tightly and then curl my bang.

Needless to say, she did a huge amount of damage to my hair and in return, the next morning when I woke from sleeping there was a handful of hair on my pillow that had fallen out. I began finger combing my hair, chunks of hair kept falling. Since then my hair had not been able to grow without being brittle with split ends. When I tried going to the beauty shop, the cosmetologist cut one side of my hair shorter than the other side. This is and was my horror story, but I know that I will get all the hair back that I lost and I am determined to do so. Right now I am NL(neck length) almost SL(Shoulder Lengh).

I just wanted to share my story with the viewers to let you all know that these tips are and will work for you.


1).No fingers, Skinny Combs Or Brushes

The least amount of time you are putting these things in your head the better, because if your hair is already damaged your ends can snag, or get caught and you'll lose some hair.

My Box braids I did myself
My Box braids I did myself | Source

2).Protective Styles

The oldest part of your hair is your ends, so in order to protect them you want to make sure that you keep them tucked and hidden away so that you don't get breakage. You'll save money as well because you won't need so many hair trims.

3).Reduce Heat (Flat Irons, Blow Dryers, Curlers)

You're already damaging your hair as soon as you step outside and the sun shines on it. Let the hair air dry because after shampooing without a good conditioner, you've stripped your hair shaft of it's natural oils. Why make it worse with heat making your scalp more vulnerable and dry.


Vitamin D and B Vitamins are great to take like biotin. I'm not sure if you eat healthy but I know I don't. So to get those extra vitamins in my system I have taken Biotin before for 2 years on and off.

It improves your hair shine, thickness, and grows your nails but make sure when taking any vitamin that you're drinking enough water. There have been reports of women having severe breakouts from biotin, but remember everyone is different. Before taking any vitamin always consult your doctor first.

5).Shampoo & Conditioner

If I could recommend a shampoo and conditioner it would have to be Organix Everstraight Keratin Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner. This stuff smells great and the conditioner leaves your hair feeling super soft. Always make sure you are conditioning your hair more than shampooing because your natural oil is also what helps your hair grow. If you like these tips and would like more concerning hair growth and transitioning , please take the time out to complete the poll below. Thank you all in advance!!

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