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How To Handle A Lingerie Addiction

Updated on October 23, 2009
The saddest lingerie of all, lingerie without a wearer...
The saddest lingerie of all, lingerie without a wearer...

Buying lingerie can be just as addictive as snorting glucose off the top of a doll house. And as many 'sugar heads' will tell you, the habit is even harder to break. Why? Well, scientific research conducted by the FDA indicates that 9 out of 10 people who buy lingerie do so because lingerie is 'awesome.' It looks good, it feels good and it makes you feel good about yourself. Just one piece of nice lingerie can be more effective than a whole pack of back alley Prozac.

Lingerie comes in many forms, most of us are familiar with them, so I won't waste your time by crudely naming them here. The most effective types of lingerie are those pieces which feature a 50% or greater concentration of lace matched with an equal or greater concentration of one of the following: Silk, Satin or Nylon.

The generic form of lingerie, nylon lingerie, can be found in almost any store which sells clothing. Nylon lingerie is considerably cheaper than silk or satin, but it is almost as effective, so one should not be ashamed of purchasing it. It is also considerably more resilient than the more expensive fabrics and can withstand being thrown in the wash with yesterday's old socks.

Cotton lingerie is also popular, however its popularity tends to be greatest among people who are, for one reason or another, unable to appreciate the benefits of smooth, silky lingerie. In many markets, cotton is being phased out in favor of microfiber, which feels smoother, wicks away moisture in much the same way, but which is made out of nasty man made chemicals which pollute the environment and put cotton pickers out of business at a prodigious rate. Organic cotton lingerie can still be purchased, and is highly recommended to those who like to feel smug about their contribution to saving the planet.

A lingerie buying addiction can be managed by adhering to a lingerie buying schedule or budget. If the lingerie aficionado allows themselves a certain amount of money every month expressly for the purchase of lingerie, then he or she will be able to enjoy the anticipation of waiting for the new lingerie month to roll around and the satisfaction of having new lingerie as set out by the schedule. Going ' cold turkey' as a means to curing a lingerie addiction is not recommended as it consigns one to a life of horrifically ugly and uncomfortable underwear and nobody, not even your worst enemy, deserves that.


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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      After reading this Hope article I see myself very close to being addicted to buying lingerie. It is a very strong pull to shop online and spend hundreds on lingerie. Plus trying to hide this from my Wife who has no idea that I am this far into xdressing. But oh how it makes me feel when I open up the latest package and try it on. I have purged multiple times only to start buying weeks later.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      So true Hope!! i only started wearing panties 24/7 a little over a year ago and now have over 200 pairs, also love nighties and seem to buy too many of those too but there is no better way to sleep than panties and a nightdress.

      Allen i agree i have found great deals at the thrift stores

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Hope, although I very rarely disagree with your views and opinions, I find myself having to do so with something you said in this hub. My worst enemy does deserve a life of horrifically ugly and uncomfortable underwear. But a lingerie budget is a great way to manage addiction.

    • foxxyz69 profile image


      8 years ago from Niles Ohio

      I usually shop on ebay at least once or twice a month, and try not to go over fifty bucks, But once i get to searching for lingerie, that's it. I told myself this month i would not go over fifty five dollars, but i now owe $95.00 for my items. So you are quite right, it is a strong addiction.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Wonderful article Hope as usual! I had a nice laugh for my Saturday morning! Allen, I envy you! Unfortunately I am in Central Europe and thrift shops and goodwill stores just don't exist here! The are second-hand clothing stores here, but they want almost the same amount of money as the new clothing if you can believe that! The second-hand clothing stores are not catering to the unfortunate homeless or person down on their luck, rather they are merely trying to run a VERY profitable business! Everything in this region is that way.

      I bought a few very cute pieces of lingerie over here for the first time last week! What a thrill that was, as I haven't been shopping for lingerie in over 2 years, so it was a very special treat. I found at "Tesco" (which is the European equivelent of Wal-Mart but on a much smaller scale) a very soft hip upper thigh length Cami & a two piece set all for around $15 which I was tickled pink about!! Back in Los Angeles, it was not hard to spent well over $200 on lingerie on one shopping trip because I was addicted to the expensive stuff found in very class boutiques in Newport Beach, or even Macy's could get some nice satin lingerie at times that was a bit pricey such as the full length house coats at Christmas. I've been so deprived here and the mentality is so different, I've decided to try to get back home to Los Angeles where I'm more comfortable in my own skin again with all the other crazy people of SoCal! hehehehe

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      i usually go out on a saturday mourning to thrift shops and goodwill stores looking for my lingerie i have found some very expensive corsets and night gown sets and they only cost me one dollar forty nine cents how much cheaper can you get and i know they all have been cleaned and sme even still have tags on them i will keep hunting for more


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