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How To Help The Skin Regenerate During The Night And How To Wake Up Beautiful Every Morning

Updated on October 18, 2012
Henry Meynell Rheam - Sleeping Beauty
Henry Meynell Rheam - Sleeping Beauty | Source

While we sleep, the cells making up our skin are hard at work trying to repair all the damage that has been accumulated during the whole day overnight. Here is a list of things you could do to aid the process of regeneration in the evening in order to wake up with beautiful skin every single morning.

Make Sure You Get Your Beauty Sleep

Going to sleep in the evening should happen as early as possible. The hormone melatonin is being produced in our skin from the evening up until about 4 at night. This hormone is an active fighter against stress and free radicals. The sooner its shift starts, the more it will benefit your skin's condition. This is something that hasn't alluded the likes of Sofia Loren, who have managed to keep a level of youthfulness to their skin until older age due to keeping strict schedules. It's known about her that she doesn't go to bed after 9 in the evening no matter the circumstances.

Solve Your Problems

If you have skin problems, you can use the night to solve them doing the following - apply an anti-acne cream or ointment on the problematic spots and then apply a moisturizing cream to the whole face. You could also use zinc paste in order to dry up your zits. But be prepared to find the skin of your face in white spots in the morning. This happens because paste has a solid internal structure and a solid white color. Whatever the situation, self-medication is not recommended because all the medical cosmetics you use should be prescribed by your dermatologist.

Treat Your Skin With A Face Mask

In order for your skin to look at its best, it's highly recommended that you treat it with a face mask in the evening. The ones that are especially appropriate are cleaning and lifting masks and those against puffiness - they stimulate blood circulation and take excess fluids out of the body.

Make sure you have a pleasant time.
Make sure you have a pleasant time. | Source


Prepare yourself a bath with sea salt or seaweed extract - it helps remove the accumulated dirt and dead skin cells and facilitates the process of fat burning. Immediately after the bath apply some anti-cellulite cream. The cream's active components should activate the lipase - the enzyme responsible for burning fat.

Pick Night Skin Care

When it comes to skin care, the safest and always correct option is moisturizer - a cream that will keep your skin hydrated. Moisture fills the cells, strengthens them, hides the wrinkles and improves the skin's appearance. But even in this case of the highest quality daily moisturizing cosmetics, they should not be used at night. Day creams protect, while night creams regenerate. That's the reason night creams have a denser texture at the expense of being saturated with vitamins and trace elements.

We should not put a thick layer of night cream in the evening. In the case of night cream, the popular rule "The more, the better!" simply does not apply. The thick texture could easily become a mask which prevents the skin from breathing and disturbs the skin's normal thermal balance.

To get the optimal results, apply the night cream half an hour before bedtime onto a cleansed skin. Five minutes after you've applied it, carefully wipe the excess moisture and material off your face.

Hydrate Your Skin From The Inside

Drink plenty of water, but keep in mind that drinking liquids late at night (and this includes water) might trigger bloating and puffiness in the morning.


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