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How To Style Dreadlocks With The Loc Soc-Wrap Your Locs

Updated on June 15, 2013

Dreadlock Socs Head Wrap

How to Wrap Your Dreadlocks

How To Wrap Dreadlocks

What are Dreadlocks? You have to be living under a rock not to know what dreadlocks are. I will just say that this article is about the dangers of having long hair. I've looked all over the web and can't believe I haven't seen anything about dangerous dreadlocks.

I have seen men working on trucks, on the road, UPS, power companies, factories and the like and can't believe there haven't been any accidents.For the ones that have had near misses or actual accidents. I hope this comes right in time. For those that have never been in a long hair accident good for you but get this information.

Maybe I worry to much. Even if that is the case i write this article in the hopes that it can prevent any future accidents such as:

Potential Dreadlocks Accidents

  • Hair getting burnt on a stove.
  • Hair getting caught in machinery.
  • Dreadlocks getting caught in a car/truck door.
  • Dreadlocks sticking in your eyes.

How To Keep Your Dreadlocks From Causing Accidents

When you wear your dreadlocks hairstyles free flowing it is a sexy and beautiful look if they are well groomed. However if you are working around machinery or other dangerous components a simple hard hat or head band is not enough. You will have to wear a style that will keep your free flowing locs in place.

You would not want a doctor to perform surgery with loose dreadlocks. Why would you perform your task which may be just as dangerous to you, should your dreadlocks get caught?

  • Tie you hair with a head wrap until it keeps all hair in place, then place rubber bands on the ends after the dreadlocks have been braided.
  • Keep your dreadlocks braided during your work days and wear it wavy on your off days.
  • Using a Loc Soc head wrap is fast and easy. Just slide it on and keep it moving.

When making the decision to grow your dreadlocks long you have to take the necessary precautions to protect yourself from potential dangers. Please pay attention to the situations you put your self into before the worse happens.

If your wearing long dreadlocks, how are you keeping safe? Have you ever been in an accident or nearly missed being in one? Please share your experiences with us so we all can learn. For maintenance tips and head wrap ideas please go to

How To Make Your Own Head Band


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