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How To Maintain A Beard

Updated on November 26, 2013

Growing a beard is easy. All you do is sit (or stand, if you wish), and wait for time to pass. Obviously it’s much easier if you’re a man over the age of 18, but if you’re a woman, it’s definitely worth a go if you so desire. If you’re a child simply wait.

But maintaining a beard? Indeed, that’s the hard part.

Fortunately, this hub was created for those of you wanting to know exactly how you can maintain your beard to absolute perfection.

Let’s have a look at what you will need on your journey to beard perfection.

Things You Will Need

  1. A beard comb/soft brush (yes, these things are actually made)
  2. An electric beard trimmer (serious point – you get what you pay for. Invest in a good one that will last you for years to come)
  3. Beard shampoo or soap (to wash your facial hair)
  4. A towel (to dry your beard after all is said and done)

Things You Won’t Need

  • A razor (why would you need a razor? Do you want to maintain or completely get rid of your beard? That’s a choice you and you alone will have to make)
  • Corn chips (no corn chips needed, especially not in your beard. They’ll just make the whole process so much harder)

Tools assembled? Excellent. Let’s begin maintaining your beard.

Using your beard shampoo or soap, give your beard a wash. It’s best to do this often, otherwise you might find yourself plucking out some fish heads that you thought you ate a week ago.

Then, give your beard a little brush with your special beard brush or comb. These are great, and can really help tease out any knots you may have built up when woodcutting or the like.

After you have done this, pick up your beard trimmer with your hand. Although optional, it’s best to use the trimmer with your stronger hand – if not, the possibility of slippage increases significantly, and you may end up with a chunk of beard on the floor.

It’s advisable to have read the beard trimmer manual before beginning this next part, as you’ll want to set it to the setting you prefer. For example, on my beard trimmer the shortest setting is 1, which is almost a clear shave, and 10 is the longest, which I presume is for Gandalf beards). After setting everything up, simply shave away.

Note: If you’re confused as to what sort of beard would suit you, ask your (preferably bearded) friends. Ask them if you’d suit short and mysterious, or long and aloof. Above all, do not ask your mother.

Lastly – remember to wash your beard trimmings away. Significant others will be most displeased if they come home to find bits of your beard around the toilet bowl or all over the floor.

That concludes how to maintain a beard. In essence, get a good beard trimmer, read the manual, and set it to the setting you wish. After that it’s just all common sense.

Good luck!


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      4 years ago

      Depends on how thick the plastic is. I had the iron on high and cuntoed to 20 slowly each time. test it out. You may need more or less time. Let it cool some before you pull the paper off. if the paper isn't waxed enough (aspect of the paper), the paper will stick to the plastic and have to be torn off. My paper roll came from Home Depot $9


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