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How To Make A Snood

Updated on October 13, 2010
Why so serious, snood lady?
Why so serious, snood lady?

The snood is the garment with the best name in the history of fashion, is it not? The name alone should make you want to make a snood, for who could be sad when one is wearing a snood? How can the slings and arrows of fortune ruin one's day when one has a snood about one's neck and head?

But what is a snood? It is a triumphant cross between a hood and a scarf of course. I personally own a snood shaped like a dinosaur, which makes my days righteous and my evenings full of witty banter with dilettantes. In a day and age where almost every garment designed for people under the age of dead has a hood, it is no wonder that snoods are becoming immensely popular.

Because a snood is so very simple one is not chained to clothing retailers in order to obtain one, indeed it is easy to make a snood all on your own. You can sew one out of warm fabric, or you can knit one out of chunky wool.

Jenny Lord of the Guardian provides precise and detailed knitting instructions for creating a knitted snood, and if one is handy with a pair of knitting needles one should certainly bustle across there with some suitable wool and begin whipping up snoods for friends and family without a moment's hesitation.

A sewn snood is even more simple to make, all one need do is trace the outline of a hood and then, descending from the lower front regions of the hood, one allows two long extensions of fabric to trail in scarf like fashion. Polar fleece is a popular choice for winter snoods, because polar fleece, is of course, incredibly warm. It is best if you double face the fabric, that is, cut two separate pieces and then sew the off sides together as this allows you to create versatile reversible snoods that are appropriate for all manners of time and place.

For children, or children at heart, decoration can be added to the snood to make it more visually interesting. My dinosaur snood happens to have a row of felt scales sticking up along the center seam of the snood, giving one the appearance of a prehistoric punk.

Do not be afraid of being creative with one's snoods. For a snood is not merely an item of winter apparel, it can be a glimpse into the soul of the wearer and a beacon for health, happiness and world peace.


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