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How To Make Your Own Spa Products

Updated on June 19, 2013

Take a Home Spa Day

Spa Day

How to Make Your Own Home Spa Products

I don’t know about you but one of my all time favorite way to de-stress from my week is to take a home spa day. There are so many products on the market today it can be crazy to choose the ones that you like. I like all natural scents and textures so the best way to get what I want is to make my own. I love to be able to go straight to my kitchen and find some wonderful ingredients that are not only fresh but affordable as well. This is my all time favorite recipes for my very own Spa Day de-stress party. Sit back relax, start to run that nice steaming hot bath right now because ladies and gents we are about to de-stress the old fashioned, all natural, calming, soothing, total body regenerating way. Let your mind wander away from all stress into the wonderful calming effects of your favorite textures and scents.

One of the first things to think about is what smells great to you? This answer will be completely different for you then for me so it’s important to explore your needs. I love the light scent of vanilla, coconut, coffee and all natural scents just to name a few. You may like heavy scents and for other uses I like heavy scents as well but for this calming relaxing home spa day I want some very calming scents. There are so many scents that calm you basil, lemon, chamomile, orange, lavender, and cypress just to name a few. Even many hundreds of years ago people knew our sense of smell was indeed powerful. Frankincense & Myrrh were used thousands of years ago as healing oils even today you can buy these oils to add to your special spa Day.

One of the best ways to start a spa day to exfoliate away the days build up of stress with a nice home creation of a nice scented exfoliate. Once you decide on what scent you would like to use follow the easy steps below to create your wonderful Body Scrub .

Body Scrub

1.) Find a nice reusable container with an airtight lid. You can use a decorative jar or even a bowl with a lid the size is entirely up to you dependant upon how much exfoliate you plan to make. You can even empty a small jar from cream or lotion you do not care much for to store your Body Scrub in.

2.) Take 1 cup of any kind of oil you may have. If you are lucky enough to have some Almond oil it works great. As for me today I will use some light Olive Oil. Any kind of oil will work but you will feel a difference in the type of oil on your sink try out a few kinds see what you like what you do not like. Pour your 1 cup of oil in your container.

3.) Decide what type of Body Scrub you would like to make. Now as you know anything that has a more porous texture will work best for this spa product to exfoliate your dead skin cells. Now you can use any number of things such as Sugar or Salt. As a rule of thumb you can use 1 cup of oil to 1 cup of dry ingredient. How you mix yours is entirely up to you. If you would like a more dry rub add less oil if you want a more wet rub add more oil. You can experiment with the amounts and decide which you like best.

4.) Bring on the relaxing scents. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oils or even a fragrance you love. You can use the juice of an Orange, Lemon or Lime. The possibilities are completely endless. What ever scent relaxes you use it.

5.) Take your shower and exfoliate your whole body with your new body scrub. Then run a nice hot bath and get ready to relax with some great Spa Day ideas.

Soak Away Your Troubles

While there is a lot to be said for the daily shower the weekly Spa Day gets over looked entirely to often. I am talking about pampering yourself weather you are a male or female you have to take time for you. Just relax and take that once a week mini vacay right in your home but let it take you to another mind set. Let your worries go for another day and soak in a relaxing experience to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.

I try to make just enough for fresh product the day of my spa relaxation time myself. I do however have my scrubs that I keep on the side of my tub all the time so I can use them when ever I need them. I just keep them in an air tight container & that works very well. I would say if you use the ones that have perishable ingredients then refrigerate it but if they are non-perishable they should be fine. 

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Great Scrub Recipes

Coffee Coconut Sugar Scrub

  • 2 cups sugar
  • 1 cup Coffee (finely ground)
  • 1/2 cup Coconut (finely ground)
  • 2 cups Almond or Coconut Oil (any kind Oil*)


Add all ingredients to your container mix well

Peppermint Salt Scrub

  • 2 cups salt
  • 1/2 cup Almond Oil (any kind oil*)
  • 10 drops Peppermint essential Oil
  • 10 drops any other kind of essential oil like orange and lavendar


mix all ingredients well put in air tight container.

Refrigerate for up to 6 weeks*

Brown Facial Sugar Scrub

* 2 Tbsp. ground oats
* 2 tsp. brown sugar
* 2 Tbsp. Aloe Vera* Optional
* 1 tsp. lemon juice


Mix all ingredients in a small container until mixed thoroughly. Use as a facial scrub smooth over face leave on for a few minutes and then remove with warm water. Rinse your face thoroughly with warm water.

Soda Bath Scrub

  • *1/2 Cup baking soda
  • *1/4 Cup water or oil any kind enough liquid to make a paste
  • *10 drops essential oil any kind you like


Mix all ingredients to make a paste to use as a body scrub

Brown Sugar Scrub

*2 cups Brown Sugar (or white sugar) *1/2 cup Olive Oil (any kind oil*) *10 drops any other kind of essential oil --------------------------------------------

Mix all ingredients and store in an air tight container



Lip Treatment Recipes

Lip Treatment Gloss

* 1/2 ounce beeswax
* 4 ounces sweet almond oil
* 1 teaspoon colored jojoba beads
* 2 teaspoons essential oil any scent you like or fresh fruit any flavor

* Small Container for your of lip Treatment


Melt beads in microwave on low setting slowly

(If you want to make a fruit flavor just use any fruit in a microwave safe bowl add your oil to the fruit heat on low power then crush your fruit through a fine sieve to remove course piece of fruit.)

Add your fruit oil to all other ingredients then pour in small container with lid.

Coconut Aloe Vera Lip Gloss

  • * 1 tsp. Aloe Vera gel
    * 1/2 tsp. coconut oil
    * 1 tsp. petroleum jelly
  • * vitamin E Oil Optional


Mix all ingredients in a small microwave safe bowl melt on low power let cool and add to your small air tight container.


Sunburn Relief Spray

Sunburn Relief Spray

  • * 1 cup distilled water
  • * 1/4 tsp Tee Tree Oil
  • * 1/4 cup vodka or rubbing alcohol
  • * 1/4 tsp Essential Oil of Peppermint


Mix all ingredients and pour into a spray bottle.

Use to mist spray your sun burnt area gives a great cooling effect.

Don't foget to add a great facial to your Spa Day

Facial Recipes

Honey Facial Mask

  • *2 tablespoons of plain yogurt
  • *1 teaspoon of honey


Leave the mask on for 10 minutes rinse off with lukewarm water.

Soda Facial Scrub

  • *1 TBSP Baking Soda
  • * enough water to make a paste


Mix soda with water to make a scrub use on your face and neck in small gentle circular motions. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Honey Egg Facial

Egg and Honey face Mask

  • *1 egg
  • *2 Tsp of honey
  • *4 Tsp of flour


Mix all ingredients and use as a facial mask let dry rinse with lukewarm water.


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