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How to Match the Right Fragrance With the Occasion

Updated on October 22, 2017
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Ephantus is a personal development coach and blogger at kidsandmommies

Fragrances have a way of inspiring romance, dreams and reflections. This explains why perfumes have been used since time immemorial to communicate certain messages, appear more attractive and affect other people positively. Now, you know why you are likely to get a good impression about a person who smells good and attractive compared to a person who emits unpleasant odors. Ancient Egyptian civilizations were especially good at using perfumed balms during lovemaking and religious ceremonies. At some point, perfumes were even used to enhance communication with deities.

Since people discovered that they are highly sensitive to scents and can make certain decisions based on specific fragrances, the perfume business has grown into a $10 billion industry. Fragrances can be seductive, mysterious, sexy and serious. As a result, every person can find a message they would like to pass about themselves using specific fragrances.

People normally choose a specific fragrance depending on how it smells on others. It is quite normal for a colleague to inquire about the name of a perfume they smelt on a co-worker and then try to find and use it. People do this because they want the same effect to be felt by others around them. While this is quite normal, what you need to know is that a certain perfume can smell wonderful on your friend, but may not smell so good on you due to your unique skin scent. If this makes finding the right fragrance seem like an impossible task, you need to know that it is a worthy quest because once you know what works for your skin, you will be more confident in your daily life.

So how do you what fragrance to wear and when?


People spend a big portion of their lifetime at work, so picking the right perfume for a long day at work is critical. Normally, any sensible employer would turn their nose up at over-perfumed employees whose scents precede them into the boardroom.

For the work environment, fresh and delicate scents are recommended. In other words, if you are like me, opt for subtle smells such as citrus notes that will not leave your colleagues with headaches. One of the good things about using citrus fragrances is that almost everyone seems to have a soft part for these fruity scents.

After work

If you are attending post-work event, you can consider switching your fragrance when moving from business to pleasure. Though post-work gatherings are often considered social events, it is important to retain some aspects of professionalism. Opting for a heady combination of citrus and punchy ambergris scents or woody and aromatic scents will be ideal for such events. These scents are less serious but are not overpowering enough to scare people from sharing a bowling lane with you.


So you are ready to move on and have secured an interview? Now, what you need is to win over your potential employer with right scent. During interviews, you need to wear a business scent, however, avoid going overboard since the overpowering scent could gas everyone in the room and spoil your best efforts at getting the job.

Having a subtle and unique scent is likely to give you better chances of succeeding compared to other potential applicants. Citrus scents and hints of mints are highly likely to linger in the minds of your interviewers and give you that distinctive edge against the other candidates.

Perfume bottle


Romantic date
Floral scents are great when going out on a date. Orange blossom jasmine, lily of the valley and rose are some of the most commonly used scents to give the desired impressions during romantic dates. If you are going on a first date, consider going slow on tuberose and gardenia notes since these tend to evoke too much excitement and send sexual undertones to your date.

Special events
When attending special occasions such as official dinners, cocktails, balls or weddings, you need a special perfume. Such a perfume should reveal your personality and suit your official outfit. Since most special events are held in the evenings, you can consider using a perfume with a strong scent to accentuate your individuality. Here, you can consider using perfumes from the wooden family with musk, amber and patchouli.

The above tips should help you to decide on which kind of scent you need for the right occasion. Apart from matching the perfume with the right occasion, you also need to figure out what is the right dosage. While most men naturally prefer scents that are not strong and fade quickly, women are more inclined to use stronger scents and fragrances which last longer. In addition, you need to know that wearing strong scents in public places such as theaters, hospitals and churches can have a negative effect especially if the fragrance is dominant and overpowering.



© 2017 Ephantus


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