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How To Select A Reputable Hair Transplant Surgeon

Updated on December 12, 2011

For those unhappy with their level of hair loss, surgical hair restoration (hair transplantation, scalp reduction, graft panel) is now a very effective and relatively affordable procedure. You will of course need to carry out some critical research regarding the type of procedure most suited to you. However one of the most essential considerations is the choice of surgeon. This article has been written to help the uninitiated tackle the mind field concerning surgeon selection.

The Surgeon's Clinical Expertise and His/Her Credentials

First and foremost you should ask your doctor about his or her training and experience; but You should also consider whether or not you feel comfortable with the doctor when you first meet for your initial consultation. It is in your best interest to learn as much as possible about your prospective surgeon before making a final decision.

While no amount of knowledge can provide a satisfactory clinical outcome, the best results most often occur out of a good patient-doctor relationship based on, trust in the physician on the basis of medical training, experience and expertise.

The 'find a Doctor ISHRS site' offers a list of doctors who have met the requirements for membership into the ISHRS. Finding an ISHRS accredited Doctor does not guarantee however, that you will be provided treatment that meets your expectations. You should do some research and ask questions about your prospective doctor; in particular look for genuine testimonials and look to seek out before and after results from previous surgeries ( can the doctor, upon request, provide the names of patients who are willing to be references to the doctors procedures?).

Medical Training and skills

Questions you should ask about the doctor's training and accreditation include:

  • The school of medicine that the doctor received his MD (allopathic doctor) or DO (osteopathic physician) degree?
  • In which year did he/she receive said medical degree?
  • Is the physician licensed to practice medicine? Is he/she allowed to act as a doctor in the state or territory in which the treatment is to occur?
  • What (hospital or medical center) did the physician carry out his/her internship and residency training?
  • Has the doctor received additional training to specialize in this type of surgical operation? A surgeon certified as a medical or surgical specialist, is not necessarily essential, but is an indication of advanced training and potential talent.
  • Is the doctor registered as a specialized surgeon? Do they regularly attend related conferences and seminars? Membership and participation in these communities is not crucial, but this is a further indication of a surgeons dedication and training.
  • How long has the physician been carrying out surgical hair transplant operations?
  • How many hair restoration procedures has the doctor completed to date? And what specific type of procedure?
  • How many hair restoration procedures does the doctor carry out each month? A busy practice may be an indication that the surgeon is skilled and respected by his /her patients.

You should aim to gain an undertstanding of the way in which the physician Practices. You will want to know something about the environment in which the doctor practices:

  • Does the doctor work alone or are there other doctors in the same practice? Critically is the Doctor who carried out the consultation the same Doctor who is going to carry out the surgery?
  • If there are other doctors, you will have the same medical treatment from beginning to end? Will different surgeons perform different elements of the procedure?

Try to determine if the doctor's office staff are helpful, attentive and willing to answer questions. Check that the office area and clinic are clean; A messy desk may not provide a direct indication of the doctors competence, but it does not make a good impression on potential patients. In real terms, anything less than a spotless clinic should set alarm bells ringing.

Ensure that you are not pressured to make a decision to book a date for surgery after the initial consultation. You must take all the time you need before scheduling surgery. A reputable surgeon would never push a patient into undergoing surgery, and may in some cases even advise against it. To that end it is advisable for a spouse or friend to be present in, at the very least, the first meeting with the doctor.

The list of questions listed above are by no means exhaustive You may want to make a written list of questions to ensure there are none that you forgot to ask. After your first consultation consider if you are really satisfied that the doctor listened to all your questions, and that he/she answered them satisfactorily. Also, do you think that the doctor has spent enough time with you? Was the doctor willing to discuss all treatment options, and the costs of various treatment options?

At the end of the initial consultation, did you feel that you and your physician had built a successful physician-patient relationship?


I hope that you have found this article both helpful and interesting. Please feel free to leave any comments or questions.


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    • kenneth avery profile image

      Kenneth Avery 

      7 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama


      Anthony, GREAT hub. Informative, helpful and interesting. Voted up and away. I appreciate your choice of subjects--for I am not suffering from hair loss, but most of my hair is already gone. Ive thought about clinics who deal in hair restoration, and so far, Bosley Hair Clinics are rated good, but very expensive. I guess we get what we pay for huh? Thanks so much for sharing this vital hub with HubPages. Merry Christmas to a wonderful writer. Sincerely, Kenneth Avery


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