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How to Style Camo for the Fall Season

Updated on August 26, 2018
Ian Barron profile image

Ian is an avid sneakerhead and streetwear enthusiast who experiments with his style, so you don't have to.

Camo pants are always in for the fall and winter seasons

Whether it be for that classic grunge punk look, or an experimental and outgoing interpretation of streetwear, camo pants, jackets, and shirts should be a staple for any streetwear enthusiast looking to expand their wardobe. While camo garments can be versatile, you need to know the essentials to styling these pieces. While you can make these garments look amazing, it's also incredibly easy to mess the style up. So follow these tips, and build off of these to personalize these garments to your aesthetic, and you will have a solid foundation for your fall winter lookbook.

DO NOT mix camo with camo!

Honestly, this one should go without saying. Camo is a loud print, and is a statement piece on its own. Adding more camo (and mixing camo patterns) on top of your pattern of choice looks absolutely atrocious. The intention behind wearing camo is to stand out and distinguish yourself from the leagues of others wearing plain denim or chinos, not look like you stepped right out of a shoot for the Yamborghini High music video. While talking about patterns, be wary of adding other patterns on top of your camo outfits such as flannels, tie dye, or even louder print graphic tees. Just because Kanye can rock camo with four other patterns doesn't mean you can (or should).

I love Rocky, I love really colorful camo, and I love camo in general, but something like this is a bit too much
I love Rocky, I love really colorful camo, and I love camo in general, but something like this is a bit too much | Source

Muted colors and plain tees

While you can put a somewhat simple graphic tee (such as a band tee or a logo tee from brands like Thrasher, Supreme, or Adidas) on top of a camo piece and make it look good, your best bet will always lie with the essentials. Grey hoodies and sweatshirts, tee shirts and long sleeves in black, white, or muted colors, black jeans or plain blue jeans, and shoes lacking patterns or vibrant, poppy colors will always be your best bet. Your camo piece will always be a statement piece, and with something like camo you will need to color coordinate with the garment of your choice in order to avoid having any one of your garments standing out like a sore thumb. Again, due to their simplicity and prevalence in several camo prints, black, white, and grey are always good options for shirts and/or pants

Especially with wilder camo options such as this, simplicity is key. The idea is to stand out, not gouge out the eyes of everyone around you.
Especially with wilder camo options such as this, simplicity is key. The idea is to stand out, not gouge out the eyes of everyone around you. | Source

A few personal tips for camo pants

When people think of wearing camo, they often think of camo pants. Camo pants are the most powerful statements when it comes to fashion, and it is also insanely easy to miss the mark and just look tacky. So for this section I'll discuss the do's and don'ts of wearing camo pants.

1. Never opt for skinny fits

With camo pants, it is very easy to find hundreds upon hundreds of cool pairs on Rothco, Amazon, and Ebay. However, due to these pants being on trend, they have a few less than nice looking variations. One such variation is the skinny variety. I'm not sure what it is, but camo skinny pants in general just don't look nice. If you absolutely must, you can opt in for a slim fit. However, when wearing camo pants, always go for that less fitted, baggier vibe, since they fit the general aesthetic that camo pants give

2. Avoid fitted clothing

When you get your camo pants, avoid fitted shirts and jackets and the like. That will mess with your proportions and make your outfit look worse in general. Go for the Yeezy route when dressing in camo pants, and go for the baggier shirts, hoodies, and outerwear

3. High top sneakers

Finally, wear high tops. This isn't exactly necessary, as you can style the pants and the shoes as you like, but adding high tops for your pants to sit on always looks so much better than just letting them lay over your old skools or air maxes. Good shoes for camo pants include the Vans Sk8 Hi and the Air Force 1 mid or high. Honestly, play around with it. You might find that you hate the Sk8s on your pants, but fitting them with some low top air forces looks good. The freedom allowed with baggier pants in general is something we often take for granted in a fashion scene dominated by skinny cuts and fitted clothes.

I love MNML, but skinny camo pants just don't look right.
I love MNML, but skinny camo pants just don't look right. | Source

Where to buy camo pieces

Camo is surprisingly accessible to the general public. One really good civilian brand with a large selection of camo prints for pants and jackets alike is Rothco. You'll find prices from between 40 to 70 dollars depending on the product. However, if you're on a tighter budget, you can always find good desert and forest camo garments on Poshmark, Ebay, and Mercari. And even Amazon has a pretty good selection of cheaper camo pants and jackets for cheaper than normal rates. If you are willing to spend a few extra dollars and get the pants immediately, Zumiez has the more colorful pants in stock often.

In conclusion

Keep all your other pieces minimal, go for looser fits and high tops, don't be afraid to experiment, and wear with some degree of confidence. With tools such as Amazon and Ebay, just trying doesn't need to break the bank, and finding new pieces is often affordable and fun as well.

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