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How To Tell Real Coach From Fake Coach Merchandise.

Updated on November 10, 2009
real or fake?
real or fake?

How to tell fake coach.

Coach products are high quality merchandise that are usually quite different looking from the plethora of fakes that have entered the market in recent times. However, some of these counterfeits can be rather convincing and will require closer examination. Since Coach normally has certain product identifiers that are true with almost every product, these are the type of things you need to look for first.

First, if you are looking at a Coach purse, look for the serial number. Almost all of the purses that are authentic Coach will have this. The serial number is stamped on a small leather tag that is sewn on the purse lining. This number will reflect the bag's style number and normally has letters and numbers. Make sure the serial number is stamped into the leather, not merely printed onto the leather. Some fakes will have serial numbers, and if you notice that the serial number is not actually stamped into the leather, is slightly crooked, or fills the entire leather tag, you are likely looking at a counterfeit.

If you have a Coach bag or clothing item with the signature "C" fabric, closely examine those Cs. Make absolutely sure they are actually Cs and not cleverly designed Gs. Also look closely at the construction of the bag, shoes, or clothing item. Authentic Coach items are well constructed and will not have mismatched seams. If the fabric is out of alignment it is almost certain that the item is not genuine Coach merchandise.

Compare the outside of the item and the inside. When you have a Coach item that bears the "C" signature fabric, the inside of it will not have the same pattern. If the outside has the signature fabric the inside will be plain fabric, or it will be a type of silk or cotton lining that does not bear the same signature. When there is signature fabric on the outside and the inside, the item is counterfeit.

Perhaps the most foolproof way to determine if your Coach item is authentic is to use comparison. If you can visit a local store where they sell the identical bag, and you know the store to carry genuine merchandise, this is an excellent way to do a side by side comparison. If this option is not available to you, try to locate a high quality photo of the item on the Coach website or at a major online retailer. Zoom in as much as possible, rotate the image, and observe every detail as you compare your bag to the photo.

Your own common sense may be the ultimate way to tell a fake from the real thing. Real Coach items are very high quality, and simply holding these pieces makes this easy to see. Always buy from trusted original sources, do your research, and you will be assured of having genuine Coach merchandise.

How to spot a fake coach purse.


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    • profile image

      Claudia 4 years ago

      have a Coach full length leather coat in bought in 2001 at a Coach Shop, Someone tried to tell me since there is no auth # on label it is a fake Well I don't think so , what do you think

    • profile image

      mARCIA wALLACE 7 years ago


      Marcia Wallace