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How To Vajazzle / Vagazzle, Vajazzles Images And Vajazzling Kits, Stickers, Pictures

Updated on December 26, 2015
Vajazzle Pictures
Vajazzle Pictures

The Sexy Vajazzle

How to Vajazzle and body stickers for sale.

Vajazzle ( vagazzle ) body stickers and rhinestones have become the sexiest body art for clubbers, movie stars, and goddesses.

Vajazzles are easily applied to the body using self adhesive vajazzle stickers or eye lash glue for use on the individual rhinestones.

Imagination is the key to using vajazzling kits, rhinestones, and stickers. It is only your imagination which has boundaries when using the most sexually alluring body art in the world.

Men turn to putty in your hands once they get a glimpse of either a vajazzle sticker or, more seductively, a part vision of a well placed vajazzle.

Never underestimate the power of a vajazzle.

What is a Vajazzle ?

Vajazzle stickers are pre-designed shapes made of individual rhinestones, gems, or crystals.

The stones are situated in their chosen shape or design on a clear piece of cellophane. This design is then removed from the cellophane, and once the stones are in their desired location on the body, stuck on.

The styles and shapes of the vajazzle sticker is designed to attract attention, and they really do work.

The amount of attention that girls get from would be suitors from wearing vajazzles is phenomenal. It outstrips the combined attention received from false eyelashes, hair extensions and any type of make-up.

Click on the smaller images to view full selection available.

Individual Stones


Vajazzle gems are a funky and sexually enhancing style of body makeup. Adding vajazzles to any part of the body will improve sexual tension in any room.

Using the individual stones, a person can be as creative or as naughty as they wish. Simplicity can help with seducing the man of your dreams.

Vajazzle rhinestones are individual stones which can be easily glued using clear eyelash glue to the body.

These allow more intricate and imaginative designs to be created.

Although slightly more difficult to place on the body alone, vajazzle gems can be used individually on finger or toe nails to add a 3D effect when on a night out.

They can also be used to add excitement to an evening by being creative and using them as certain motifs for ceremonies, parties, and just to look absolutely sexy.

Please click on the images to view the full selection available.

A small and stylish pattern created with vajazzle diamante stones indicating a certain sign to a particular potential partner will have them drooling all over you.

Stones are available in many different colors and are usually only 2 mm in diameter to allow for intricate designs without overdoing it.

Vajazzle Stickers

Vajazzeling parts of your body does not need to be intricate or difficult. Vajazzle stickers have been designed to take away the stress of creating your own patterns.

Self adhesive vajazzle patterns are easy to use, simple to remove when required, and very alluring depending on the position.

Patterns range from dolphins, stars, and beautiful flowers to arrows to indicate the direction the eyes of an admirer should follow.

Click on the smaller images to view full selection available.

The perfectly created designs are ideal for any situation and can be used on any part of the body where there is no or very little hair growth.

These stickers are one use only, and once taken off should be thrown away. In theory, body stickers can last for several days or even weeks before falling off.

Please click on the images to view the full selection available.

In a recent study of men between the ages of 18 and 25 years of age, it was found that the vajazzle body art was the most sexually provocative type of accessory a woman could have.

Vajazzle Self Adhesive Body Tattoos

The vajazzle range of self adhesive body tattoos ( as vajazzle stickers are sometimes referred to ) is amazing. The quality and the quantity of their designs leaves little to the imagination. Each one has a distinct job to do, and that is to make any girls look gorgeous and at their most sexual peak.

Where To Put Vajazzles

The hottest place to position a vajazzle sticker or tattoo is just above the belt line.

Just enough above the hip to show that you have a vajazzle on, and enough of the sticker below for men to want to see the rest.

Another place is on the upper arm and even the side of the throat and neck.

An excellent place is on the cleavage. A mans eyes are always drawn to this area of the body for some unknown reason,and a vajazzle here will ensure that his excitement is boiling over.

The nape of the back at the base of the spine is also another place for a vajazzle, this adds a touch of mystery whilst you back is turned. A vajazzle does for the body what make-up does for the face, it enhances the natural beauty which is already there.

Vajazzling kits will include tweezers, body glue, and vajazzle stickers, tattoos or gemstones amongst other items depending on the kit bought. These make excellent Valentine's Day gifts for men, as they are the ones who will not be able to take their eyes off of it once it has been attached to a girls body.


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