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How Wearing Lingerie Can Save A Man's Life

Updated on October 16, 2009

The label 'men's lingerie' covers a wide range of undergarmentry ranging from silk boxers to bras designed for the male figure. An interest in men's lingerie is an interest in clothing the male body as comfortably and sensuously as the female body is often clad. And why not? It is indeed a cruel and arbitrary fashion trend that has relegated men to second class cotton wearers.

There are signs of cracks occurring in the cotton empire however. In most mainstream lingerie publications, men's lingerie is regarded as being silk boxers, silk robes and perhaps the occasional silk posing pouch. There's nothing wrong with this somewhat bland interpretation of lingerie I suppose, but I suspect that most men searching for men's lingerie are not looking for a pair of boxer shorts with Disney characters screen printed on them.

No, most men who search for men's lingerie are searching for masculine variations on a feminine theme. They want panties for men, panties that fit their body shape, yet are trimmed with the lace that women enjoy and made from smooth nylon, satin, or synthetic blends that feel good against the skin.

They want silky camisoles to caress their torsos, stockings and pantyhose to slide over their legs. They want to feel the luxurious sensation of fine fabrics against the sensitive regions of their body. Women often comment as to how good it feels to wear sexy lingerie under their clothes, and many men who wear lingerie feel the same way. Slipping on a pair of soft panties can be a rejuvenating and, yes, inspiring action for a man.

By wearing lingerie, a man can feel softer, more sensual, calmer in his every day life. A day spent wearing lingerie can be a psychological oasis for a high powered individual who otherwise spends large portions of his life locked in 'male battle mode'.

It's hard to feel overly aggressive when one feels smooth panties pulling tight across one's cheeks, when one is reminded that underneath that power suit are pretty little embroidered flowers clinging to your skin.

Encouraging a man who wants to wear lingerie is encouraging the embracing of all of what he is. None of us are just one thing. Even the most macho man is occasionally soft, and even the frailest of women is sometimes amazingly strong. Wearing lingerie can be regarded as therapeutic for some men, who find that donning a pair of pantyhose and clipping on a brassiere makes them instantly relax and fall into a more passive role.

With stress being a major cause of death in the developed world, we need to acknowledge and appreciate the simple things in life that release us from the mental yokes we wear. For some men, wearing lingerie functions as a valve for relieving stress.

So then, wearing lingerie brings two separate but related benefits. On the one hand, embracing his lingerie wearing desires relieves tensions caused by trying to fight against these desires. On the other, the act of wearing lingerie further calms him by helping him to connect with a softer, more submissive, more 'feminine' space. Both these things lower toxic stress levels and may add years to a man's life.


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    • profile image

      mychoice 7 years ago

      Sensational Hope, so glad i found your pages.

    • profile image

      threesweds 9 years ago

      Hope, I agree with everything you said. It is amazing how well you understand the male desire and feelings for wearing lingerie. The sensation of a pair of soft flowered panties under my work clothes releases the stress of the workday. It is exhilerating to think that I might be wearing the same lingerie as my female coworkers. Love your hubs.

    • Hope Alexander profile image

      Hope Alexander 9 years ago

      Thanks for the kind comments, IlikewhatIam :) I shall endeavour to keep up the good work.. you keep up the lingerie wearing!

    • profile image

      likewhatiam 9 years ago

      Hi Hope once again you hit the nail right on the head. I wish that the fashion houses would wake up to the fact that they have a large untapped market out there and can make more money by giving men the choice that our female counter parts have. The only other problem is to get the male neanderthals to change their outlook on life and stop trying to be the big macho man all the time and search the softer side of their persona and get into a life of soft silky lingerie and they will never go back.keep up the good work.