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How do you dye your hair - In 7 easy steps

Updated on October 3, 2015

In today’s recession, it is becoming increasingly expensive to get hair dyed by professionals, so many women (and men) prefer to dye hair at home, whether you are covering up your grey hair or just trying out a different color for a new look. This article will help all the home dyers, keep in mind the necessary measures to unsure a perfect color for them at home. We will provide you with step by step instructions to dye your hair, suggest some tips and give you safety suggestions as well, so let’s get started!

Step 1

The most important first step is to buy a color you want to apply, keeping in mind the latest trend, your price range and favorite brand. Following are some of the popular brands we recommend because of their easy to use home kit and excellent color results.

1. Garnier Nutrisse
2. L’Oreal superior preference
3. Revlon color silk
4. Clairol nice n easy
5. Loreal excellence creame

*According to Fashion and beauty, the three most popular hair color trend this season are;

  • · Small highlights closer to your natural color
  • · Copper reds
  • · Ombre color

Step 2

Before you begin applying the hair dye, remember to never skip out on the ‘Skin Allergy test’. Skin Allergy test must be done 48 hours before applying the hair color. To perform the test, take a cotton bud and dip it in unmixed colorant product, and gently apply on an area of skin, preferably behind your ear. Continue to reapply the color two to three times, after it dries out each time. If you do not feel any side effects like redness of skin, rash, itching or swelling, you are good to proceed to the next step.

*Remember! It does not matter if you have used the product before, perform the allergy test each time you color.

Step 3

Now that you have determined that the hair dye is safe to use, Unpack the box and begin mixing your color. Use the instructions on the box to help with the tubes, but most of the hair color boxes come with two basic tubes (one is the developer and other is colorant tube). Do not forget to wear the gloves for protection. Use the mixing bowl and add the tubes, stir the mixture with the coloring brush and leave it aside, and move to the next step.

Step 4

Before applying the hair dye, the next important step is to section the hair. It is easy to do at home, and sectioning the hair allows the color to be properly applied. So start by sectioning your hair in four equal parts, So you would have the two sections behind each ear, and two sections on top of the head. Twist the hair in each section and clip them in carefully. When you will apply the color, you can unclip and clip each section as you go about.

Step 5

Finally you can apply your color to the hair. Start at the top, and unclip one section at a time. Remember to always keep a hair brush handy, and brush your hair gently as you color each section. While applying the color, avoid contact with eyes and skin, and never try to apply hair dye on eye brows or eye lashes. There are separate dyes for both of them, and using a hair dye on eye lashes or eye brows can cause irritation and burning sensation.

*Caution! If hair dye gets in your eyes, rinse thoroughly.

Step 6

When the color is applied, and hair is brushed regularly, with the help of your gloves massage the scalp. This allows hair dye to mix around the entire hair and different sections are brought together. Finally, brush the hair again now that there are no clipped sections. Tie up the hair as a whole, and wait 30-45 mins before rinsing off the color.

*Read! The instructions on the box for the duration.

Step 7

After the stated period of time, rinse your hair thoroughly. Stand under a shower with your head sticking out and let water wash away the color, use the conditioner that comes in the box, this will ensure the smoothness of the hair and protect it from any damage it may have had during coloring.

To see the results, blow dry your hair and enjoy your new look!

*Remember! Do not shampoo right away. Aim to allow a full 24 hours to elapse between the dye application and using your shampoo. And purchase a shampoo which protects colored hair


To ensure that the hair color you desire from your dye is up to the standard you expect, here are some tips on how to properly use hair color products:

When picking out a product in the market it is advisable you do some research before hand, this is because picking out the wrong product for your hair can do more harm than good. Some products in the market are made especially for colored hair, investing your money into these would insure that you get the color that you are looking for and also that your hair color lasts for a long time. This is because these color protect products are specially made for colored hair and because they contain a minimal amount of harsh detergents they help in keeping your hair healthy. Another important tip for dying your hair is to smear Vaseline on your ears or on any other exposed skin, doing this makes washing off the dye later easier. It is also considered helpful if you take a brush and bowl with your hair dye, this is known to help the dying process. Many hair dyes work very well with conditioners, applying conditioner with the hair dye helps your hair adapt to the color and isn’t nearly as damaging. Many people prefer to get a natural look from their hair dyes, to ensure that your hair does not look artificial it is advisable to use the dye a week or so in advance. Because of this when you go to an important event or a party, your hair look natural and leave no traces or signs of any artificial dye. Lastly, many experts believe that it is paramount that you properly wash your hair a day in advance, doing this brings out the natural oils in your hair and makes the dye last longer when combined with your natural hair.

Safety Instructions and Warnings

It is essential to get a skin allergy test exactly 48 hours before you apply any hair dye product, also you should not use any product if you have in the past experienced any kind of reactions to a hair colorant. Also if you ever experience any problems with your scalp I.E if you have an itchy scalp using a hair color product is not recommended. To add to this if you have ever had a black henna tattoo, even if you got it a long time ago then you should not in any circumstances apply a hair product unless you taken a proper 48 hour skin allergy test beforehand.

Hair Dyeing Video Tutorial

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