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How to Apply Everyday Makeup

Updated on January 28, 2013

There are many benefits to makeup. Makeup can cover imperfection, highlight certain facial features, prevent acne, slow down aging, as well as fortify the skin with antioxidants. Acne suffers can get non-comedogenic makeup that will not cause flareups, individuals suffering from oily or aging skin can get makeup that is formulated with skin-renewing fruit acids, and people who have dry skin can also obtain makeup that is formulated with effective moisturizers.

How To Apply Everyday Makeup: Selecting a Natural Foundation Shade

Selecting the right shade of makeup will prevent the “mask” effect of occurring. The makeup “mask” looks just like it sounds – a color differentiation between the face and the neck. Major makeup departments will allow potential clients and buyers to swatch different makeup shades to help select the best possible color match. Most drug stores do not allow this luxury. However, potential buyers can utilize their generous return policies to return any makeup products that they don’t want.

Makeup brushes can help in the natural application of the foundation. Brushes will reduce the chance of streaks forming. It is also a hygienic way of applying makeup – as long as you take the habit of washing your makeup brushes on a weekly basis. Stippling brushes are known to apply a sheer application of makeup, lending for a natural appearance. Buffing brushes are also popular, however, they are not recommended for those with dry skin because the buffing action can cause peeling of the dry skin, which will result in the makeup looking caked up.

How To Apply Natural Eyeshadow and Mascara

Foundation - by itself – is a great way of applying everyday makeup. However, you can glam it up by applying a bit of eyeshadow and mascara. Use eyeshadow to accentuate the shape of your eyes. Use a lighter color on the center of the lid, and a darker color in the crease to deepen the eyes. Try to stick to matte finishes. Glittery and shimmery eyeshadows can be tricky to work with. When in doubt, try to stick to makeup that has a matte finish.

Mascara is a great way of lengthening the lashes, and it is an easy way to bring attention to the eyes. Apply mascara that is the same color of your lashes, making sure to apply a single coat on the upper and lower lashes.

How To Apply Natural Blush for An Everyday Makeup Look

Foundation can make the face look one dimensional. Blush helps bring back a natural flush of color to the skin, making the skin look healthy. Blush in the red color family is suitable for lighter to medium skin tones with plums being more suitable on those with dark complexions. Like eyeshadow, blush can come with a frost or glittery finish. For the most natural color, try to stick to matte finishes.

Is Setting Spray Necessary?

Makeup sprays are designed to prevent the makeup from being rubbed off while you go ahead with your daily activities. They also moisturize the skin, and makr the skin look natural. Setting sprays can also be made at home. They are a great way to beat the summer heat as well.

How To Make Your Own DIY Setting Spray


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