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How to Apply Makeup for Acne Prone Skin?

Updated on November 27, 2017

If you do not have acne on your skin you do not know what real struggle feels like.

The redness doesn’t go away, the pain almost kills and the scars ruin lives, like almost – that’s how huge the problem of acne is.

And, the next time anyone who says, “Ohh they’ll be fine” say no word and punch them in the face instead. *not even mean*

Before and After - Makeup for Acne Prone Skin


Now the facts

Research suggests around 80 to 90 per cent of all women face the problem of acne at some point in their life. Whether it is acne during the teenage years or during late 20s and 30s this is one grave problem that diminishes the confidence of a woman to mere nothing.

But, here’s another fact – a strong woman never gives up and nothing absolutely can make her feel weak, not even the acne.

1. The Foundation Part – Check. Check. Check.

Foundations are supposed to be available in all types including – matter, liquid, and dry; check the kind that best suits for the skin type. Forget the breakout part for now, just focus on the color of your foundation and the color of your skin – it should match. Next thing – make sure your skin is completely clean before you apply foundation because foundation on dirty skin calls for more and severe breakouts.

Next big thing – whether you’re using your fingers to apply the foundation or a brush make sure to be clean with everything.

Tip – Use your foundation with a moisturizer that suits your skin type – do not be too harsh with your skin.

2. The Concealer for Blemishes and Marks

Any blemishes, dark circles or acne marks on your skin need a little bit of concealer because that makes them look like almost gone. Choose a matte concealer for your oily and acne prone skin. Do not forget to contour to blend it all perfectly. Make no mistake.

3. Skip the Primer

DO NOT use the primer – not even little bit of it and not even if is oil-free. Though important for holding the power f foundation, it is terrible for acne prone skin because of its tendency to seep into the pores and clog them, ultimately resulting into breakouts.


4. Powder Blush

Make it a point to use only powder blush when you’re using a liquid foundation – it tones out the skin a little bit.

Next up – define your cheekbones with strong colors because they have a lasting effect, making your face look beautiful. Explore your options with shades – use shades like apricot and rose depending on the natural color of the skin, and make sure to blend well or you can end up looking like a monkey. Also, well diffused look makes you look younger and fresher.

5. Do Not Go Wrong with the Lips

On some days when you’re running out of time your lip color will save the day for you, so make sure you have plenty of colors in your bag. Choose well between lipstick and lip gloss. If you’re in for a subtle and clear look a plain pink lip gloss should do the work for you, otherwise you can pick from a range of color based on the look of the day and your skin tone.

Also, make it a point to have a red lipstick in your bag because red always does the good and there is no going wrong with this color in particular. Also, there are a few shades of pink that can be best suited for your skin type and color.

6. Eye Liner and Mascara

Eyes should be the most impressive and expressive part of your face – so make sure you do enough justice with them. Apply a dark and smudge free eyeliner – choose between the various types and kinds that you could apply. Remember black isn’t always an option to choose from, you can go for lighter and softer colors like brown and gray. Also, if you find liquid eyeliners do not give that complete look use kohl instead.

7. Eye Shadow

The thing about eye shadow is that if not done properly you can look like a dragon, unless of course you want to look like one. Choose the right color apart from choosing the texture – remember to avoid creamy and glossy products because they accentuate wrinkles and make the skin appear creepy.

Got some idea? Get set and apply now!

The Final Look

Makeup Products

Which of these is your favorite makeup product?

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Quiz for anyone having acne prone skin.

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