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How to Be a Hipster Kid

Updated on March 11, 2014
Picture taken by Ashley Wingo
Picture taken by Ashley Wingo | Source

So You Want to Be a Hipster....

Or maybe you already are one? Just what exactly does it mean to be a "Hipster Kid" anyway? Well, I sure didn't know before I met my husband. He doesn't even consider himself a hipster per se, but everyone else can see it. Here's a few tips I picked up from our dating years (plus one year of marriage). These are all things I learned from my husband, who was a "hipster" before it was cool!

First off, I'll summarize the main areas I will discuss in this hub. The following are the areas that I consider (from my experience and the things I've observed) to be the most important criteria that define being a Hipster:

  • Fashion - what to wear, and where to buy your clothes and accessories
  • Music - what kind / how to listen to it
  • Cars - what to drive when you're a hipster
  • Attitude - the general way of thinking and being that makes up the hipster lifestyle

Picture taken by Ashley Wingo
Picture taken by Ashley Wingo | Source

What To Shop For...

Hipsters love to wear any/ all of the following:

  • Thick rimmed, black glasses
  • Vintage glasses
  • Aviator sunglasses
  • Skinny jeans
  • Pretty much anything vintage (Grandma's dresses collecting mothballs? Get em out!)
  • Old watches
  • Collared shirts from the 50's, 60's and 70's

Hipsters tend to shy away from:

  • Anything too modern looking
  • Anything that fits in with the status quo

My sweet hubby wearing a vintage shirt and vintage glasses from a thrift shop
My sweet hubby wearing a vintage shirt and vintage glasses from a thrift shop
VW Bus ignition
VW Bus ignition

Shop at Thrift Stores and Estate Sales

If you want to truly fit in with the hipster kids (or don't want to fit in with mainstream fashion, etc) you shop at thrift stores, yard sales, and estate sales. Plus, it's actually a much less expensive way to be in style, and it's way more fun!

  • Goodwill Stores, Salvation Army Stores, and other "Mom and Pop" thrift shops are perfect for buying vintage clothes, accessories and collectibles. You can even buy used cars at some Salvation Armies (which my hubby has done many times).
  • Estate Sales are great for buying awesome furniture, books, and collectibles - and you may even find some vintage clothes or accessories here as well. An estate sale is basically a garage sale that takes place because a family member has passed away and the seller wants to get rid of all their stuff. You pretty much have to drive around on a Saturday in residential neighborhoods to scope these out. Find a good one and it's totally worth it!

Shop at Urban Outfitters ... And a Few Other Stores

Somewhere along the way, I've learned of some other stores hipsters gravitate to. These include but are not limited to:

  • Urban Outfitters
  • J Crew
  • American Apparel

Just to name a few. Hipsters love Urban Outfitters for the trendy, yet seemingly outside-the-box clothes and accessories. J. Crew is great because it offers that hipster-type look, yet it's designer - but it's low-end designer, meaning they actually offer quality products at prices that are (somewhat) affordable. Then there's American Apparel. You will find lots of basic items here, i.e. plain and functional, with many an 80's twist.

Vintage toys pictured here: two "See and Say" toys from our childhoods, and the "Peanuts Talking Bus, which is very rare
Vintage toys pictured here: two "See and Say" toys from our childhoods, and the "Peanuts Talking Bus, which is very rare

Collect Vintage Items

Collecting vintage stuff such as toys, watches, coins, knick-nacks, and so on, is another way to showcase your old-school "hipster" flair.

Generally speaking, these would be items from the 80's, 70's, 60's, 50's and so on.

Collecting items like these is fun, and some of them are inexpensive if you buy them at thrift stores/estate sales. Having them around to show your friends will prove your true hipster ways.

For example, my husband and I like to college vintage Peanuts items. We love all the Charles Shultz characters like Charlie Brown, Linus, Peppermint Patty, Lucy, and so on. We have even been to the Charles Shultz Museum in Santa Rosa, CA. Anytime we see any vintage Peanuts paraphernalia, we try to pick it up.

Hubby's Cassette Tape collection
Hubby's Cassette Tape collection

Vinyl is Better!

Husband's record player (and part of record collection below)
Husband's record player (and part of record collection below)

Listen to Records and Cassette Tapes

Shop at record stores and thrift shops for cassette tapes, records, and other "vintage" music options. Heck, you could even be like my hubby and get an 8-Track Player!

Music actually sounds better on vinyl anyway, right?!

Whatever you do, just don't listen to songs on an iPhone or buy... gasp... CD's!!!! (Just kidding, I do it all the time. And my hubs even listen to CD's occasionally now and has bought some music on iTunes. He recently got an iPhone and we were all shocked!)

The music hipsters tend to listen to is anything:

  • From the 70's, i.e. Rock and Roll
  • Little known, underground bands

Hipsters tend to avoid any music like:

  • Justin Timberlake
  • Justin Beiber
  • The Jonas Brothers
  • Disney soundtracks
  • P!nk
  • Brittney Spears

or anything remotely modern.

Own Vintage Cars, Like this Volkswagen Bus!

The VW Bus my hubby bought a few years back. Sold it to a high school kid
The VW Bus my hubby bought a few years back. Sold it to a high school kid

Hipster Attitude

The general hipster attitude is not one I necessarily agree with. Hipsters generally tend to have an apathetic outlook on life. They may act rather blase about things, but deep inside I believe they really do care and have strong convictions.

Things hipsters do care about are:

  • art
  • fashion
  • music
  • being genuine
  • relationships
  • thinking about things in a deeper way
  • going back to a time when life was simpler and things were well-made

As Christians, my husband and I also care about the Lord and how we can please Him. That is actually the most important thing in life. Even though being a so-called "hipster" is fun, it's not the most significant thing in the world.

But doing a little thrift shopping and wearing some vintage glasses can spice up your life and make it more fun... And there's nothing wrong with that =)

Take this Quiz to Find Out if You're a Hipster Kid

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My hubby with his 1968 Buick Sportwagon. This was a few years before we met.
My hubby with his 1968 Buick Sportwagon. This was a few years before we met.

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