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How to Buy the Best Boots on eBay

Updated on February 28, 2022
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Andrea studied writing and film and writes on various topics, from dating and relationships to astrology, interior design, and gardens.

Ways to buy boots, skip the scams, and to make sure you get the right fit.
Ways to buy boots, skip the scams, and to make sure you get the right fit. | Source

Fashionable Boots Look Good On You

Finding a pair of fashionable boots is challenging, you have to compare prices, find something unique, and something you can wear without hurting yourself.

If you're spending over $80 on boots, you are probably spending too much unless you're rolling in money. Like, literally rolling in money like Scrooge McDuck. If you want an easier way to find quality boots, I suggest using eBay.

Considering eBay is a global market, I suggest looking online to find dealers from Asian countries. Typing in "boots" along with a country may help you to find a dealer who you can trust. Generally, you should look through their stores' items to see if they have a number of winter items from coats, boots, hoodies, etc. Before bidding, you can contact the dealer to see how the boots were made to avoid animal abuse -- or worse -- cheap factory labor that may be related to slavery. Do as much research before buying; you're going to be buying an item that should last you a few winters. Also, you can check the store to read other people's reviews and see if there are any problems. It's always nice to buy from a top seller.

Most eBay stores from overseas will have size charts for your feet. It may be best to check before hand what are the max sizes for a shoe because many Asian shoe stores sell to smaller feet sizes than in western countries. You can usually get away with your regular size or a half size off. Read any reviews you can find to see if anyone can tell you whether the shoes run narrow, broad, or have a weird construction to it. Many of the sellers will be glad to let you know. Often you can go on eBay and not even have to bid but can buy instantly.

Many of the boots from Asian countries are going to be ahead in fashion, so you will be safe to have something that most do not.

The pair I am wearing today costed me about $35 when in American stores they now are about $350-400. You can find boots generally from about $12.00-40.00. Keep in mind shipping costs and think ahead about how much they'll be, you can ask before buying to ensure that you didn't accidentally spend more than what you meant. Generally speaking, you'll end up with shoes that will cost about 1/4th to a 1/6th of what it would have cost in American or European markets. But remember -- it's going to take about a month and a half to get to you. Buy boots in August and September for winter.

Most dealers will be happy to trade you shoes for an appropriate size, but it will be complicated.

The best boots that will survive will be in neutral colors like brown, red, black, and gray. These are colors that can go with a variety of outfits where certain colors are only fashionable for one season like green, pink, purple, and yellow. When buying boots consider the material; suede will do better in days with little to no precipitation while leather works for snow or rain. You can ask what is the interior material like and how warm it is, some boots are made to just look pretty but are flimsy inside. Also, for those of you who are against animal parts being used for boots make sure that you don't just check on what material is used for the exterior but also the interior. Sometimes animals skins are used for the entire shoe, and how these animal skins are garnered can often kill animals, even when shearing sheep.

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The right boots can help you to express your personality. Boots can make or break an outfit.
The right boots can help you to express your personality. Boots can make or break an outfit. | Source

Comparing Prices

I suggest looking at a couple of stores all at once, compare prices because many Asian stores will be selling a handful of the same shoes, so you may be able to knock the price down. Also, comparing several shoes to each other will help you to find the best look possible. You can wear boots with a number of items, so they are a good staple for your wardrobe; their easy with dresses, leggings, jeans, long thick socks, coats, etc.

Have a bottle of superglue handy for your boots in case they need repair. Walking through snow, mud, and just general wear and tear can cause the bottom heel to separate from the material. Generally, this can be easily fixed -- with just some superglue.

Ultimately, there is absolutely no reason to spend a fortune on boots when there are better markets out there for your money. A lot of westernized stores hike prices up simply because people will buy them regardless. Wedding dresses are a big culprit where you can spend a large amount of your salary on a dress you'll only wear once; I suggest exploring eBay in the way you would boots because you can find dealers who will help you design your dress and for a low price. You can easily spend about 250$ on a dress in the States that may cost 15,000$. Some people here may be able to afford this and will keep the economy afloat, but for the rest of us, these jacked up prices are not required, so be scrupulous.

Most of the Asian stores on eBay will have English, and the people you email will be able to correspond with you. Be careful of conversations as eBay has a policy that conversations will stop after a certain number of days that an item has been bought.

Rather than spending lots of time at shoe stores and wearing yourself out, use eBay where you can use less time to find what you want and also have more options, particularly more affordable options. Plus, most people are still not on this bandwagon and it may be too complicated for them, so you can find something unique that will standout rather than blend with a crowd of not-so-fashionable shoes.

I suggest for winter to have a pair of long boots that go up to the knee as these will keep you warm. Fall and spring work well with these kinds of shoes and booties, which you can also find.

Thrift Stores

You can also take the method of going to a thrift store to find boots, but often their shoe sizes are going to run small, and it can be hit or miss as to whether you can actually find any. Sometimes boots have a harder time of staying fresh, so I suggest looking for newer boots as opposed to ones that look aged. They may not smell heavy while at the store, but after you've walked in them once you may discover why they were given to the store. Make sure to check the condition of those shoes as best as possible for any wear or tear. I suggest taking a friend with you so they can give you a second opinion. Even though costs at thrift stores can be cheaper, you don't want to just buy a pair of boots for the sake of boots. You want something that's going to last and be on your feet for many a season.

Boots can help you to make a killer first impression. Let the boots talk for you.
Boots can help you to make a killer first impression. Let the boots talk for you. | Source

Finding the Right Boots Takes Time

When buying a pair of boots online, make sure that you know it may take time before it gets to your door. Especially, if you are ordering overseas. Compare as many prices as you possibly can from Ebay, Amazon, Zulilly, Modcloth, and Fashion Mia. There are a number of boot stores online so you don't have to go out into the real world to buy a pair... and you likely can save yourself a great deal of money by using online shopping rather than in-store.

Reasons to Wear Boots

Boots will keep you warm, make you look classy, and can add an edge to an already nice outfit. Boots come in a number of sizes, booties end at your ankles, but some boots can go all the way up to your knees. The nice thing about boots is they can go with skirts or pants. You can wear certain boots for formal events and informal events. They are an essential item for a modern woman on the go. Some boots are meant for night wear to dance it up at the nightclub. Be careful and don't wear shoes that harm you. You may not realize this now, but you'll want your foot in good condition when you are older. Foot damage is serious business, so don't force your feet into boots that don't feet, that have material that your skin doesn't like, or that cut off the circulation. You need your feet to be protected from the winter as well as keep your feet comfortable. Some boots are meant for work and are not meant to be fashionable. If you want sturdy boots, you can also find those online.

Rain boots are specifically designed to protect you during the rain season (of course!) Rain boots will have different material than winter boots, which could get damaged with too much rain. Make sure to clean your boots if you go on a long hike and end up getting them dirty.


If you have problems buying boots off any website, you should contact the website. Make sure to let your seller know if you haven't received your boots in the mail yet. Also, if there is something wrong about the boots -- let them know. Sometimes in shipping something might not go so well as it travels over the ocean. Ideally, your boots will fit perfectly and look the way you want. If it's not matching the picture -- you should complain. A good seller wants you to be a happy costumer. If you end up really liking your boots, make sure to leave a positive review -- and even give your friends the recommendation to buy from them.

© 2013 Andrea Lawrence


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