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How to Care for Combination Skin Type.

Updated on May 25, 2012

Combination skin type is a combination of oily and dry skin. It can be hard to take care of combination skin because the forehead, nose and chin is the oily part of the combination which requires a moisturizer that wont contribute to the secretion of oil make it worse and the cheeks tend to be dry and the cheeks with need dry skin moisturizer. There are oils that may help with combination skin and maybe be applied both on the oily and dry areas of your face.

Here are some oils and some skin care tips the work for people with combination skin type:

1. Jojoba Oil -is a great moisturizer and gives the skin the necessary moisture without clogging the skin pores. Jojoba oil is good for both oily and combination skin because it normalizes the production of oil by oil glands. Jojoba oil is also suitable for all skin types.

>Mix your daily moisturizer with jojoba oil for you daily use.

> Massage the jojoba oil on skin until it is absorbed after cleansing your face with warm water.

2. Geranium Oil- is widely used to control oily and dry skin because of its balancing of oil properties. It is also good in improving the elasticity of the skin. Apply on your skin or mix in a lotion you are using.

3. Ylang Ylang Oil- helps balance oil production and reduces excessive oiliness and moisturizis at the same time. You can mix ylang ylang oil with your lotion or buy lotion that contains ylang ylang oil.

4. Lavender Oil- lavender oils its good in oil balancing and hydrating the skin. Evens skin tone and also clear blemishes on your skin and it can also be applied to the skin.

Other oils you can use for combination skin type are rosewood, neroli, argan oil all these oils have the ability to control the secretion of oil in the T-zone and hydrate the dry part of your skin the cheeks.

5. Toning- is essential for the oily T-zone and use small amount of toner on dry cheeks.

6. Cleanse- the T-Zone twice a day with non oily cleanser

7. Masks- when using masks you must be really carefully either you will need two different types of masks or find a mask that caters for combination skin type.

Some oils like Neroli are not allowed to be used during preganacy.


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