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Wedding Dress Styles: How to Choose a Perfect Wedding Dress

Updated on December 9, 2017
Shushanik profile image

Shushanik is a mom and a blogger who likes to share information on different topics she has researched for herself.

The wedding is supposed to be the best day in every girl's life. This is almost the only day in the life when the whole world revolves around the bride. In this moment you have to look and feel yourself like a queen. So, how to decide which wedding dress style to choose among all those stunningly beautiful dresses? How to choose a perfect wedding dress that would emphasize the advantages of your body and hide flaws? I'll try to answer all these questions, as well as give examples of different wedding dress styles in this hub.

Color and fabric

Color is very important for a wedding dress. Gone are the days when white was the only permissible color for the bride. Yes, white is always in fashion, but now there are many other options. The chic look can be added by beige shades: ivory, "champagne", cocoa milk, condensed milk, soft peach, etc. These shades look especially good with a slight tan.

Brunettes look their best in snow-white, pinkish and silver colors. Blondes - in golden-gray, apricot and blue-gray. Brides with light brown hair will look very good in milky-white, pinkish white, greenish white and purple-pink palette. For the red-haired ladies all shades of cream would be great. Choose the one that do not merge with the color of your skin and would be in harmony with the suit of the groom.

A few words about fabric. The bride is a heavenly creature, therefore the fabrics should be airy and light. Heavy silk and velvet are long gone. Wedding dresses from these fabrics are heavy and limit the bride's movements. Opt for chiffon, taffeta, light silk, satin and organza. The sun will highlight these fabrics, and you will look literally irresistible. One of the hot trends is printed fabrics, that's fabrics with some pattern. These patterns are usually soft and unobtrusive, which gives a special chic to a wedding dress. When choosing the fabric, do not try to save the money, well-chosen fabric is 90% success of your dress.

How to emphasize the best features of your body

Every girl dreams about the wedding from childhood and wants to be perfect at the day of the celebration. So let's talk about different styles of wedding dresses and their advantages and disadvantages.

1. Empire Style Dress

These dresses are high-waisted. The skirt starts directly under your breast, and can be either slinky or flowing and airy. Choose this style if you have small breast. Emphasizing the top of the dress, especially if it's embroidered with the stones, you will visually increase your breast. This style is also a great find for the girls with pear-shaped body, it visually increases the height and lengthens the legs, it also successfully diverts attention from the tummy of a mom-to-be.

2. A-Line Dress

This dress style reminds capital letter "A". Skillfully emphasizing the chest, it gradually expands from the top to the bottom. The skirt is usually lush, and the cut is one piece. This style is very versatile and is suitable for any body type. It will make short bride look higher and curvy look slimmer. And if you want to conceal your hips, use ring petticoat. This wedding dress is classic in modern wedding fashion. The range of fabrics is very rich. If you want more natural look, use silk, then your skirt will gently fall. If you would like splendor - then use a heavy fabric for the main skirt and light (tulle, taffeta) for the upper layers.

3. A Ball Gown

That's how girls looked at the balls: sealed beaded corset, detachable waist and a fluffy crinoline skirt. Many brides opt for such wedding dress. It beautifully lifts breast and instantly transforms you. Such styles use any decorations - bows, ribbons, ruffles, embroidery and print. It looks festive, elegant, chic and expensive. But, unfortunately, it doesn't look very good on curvy girls and on short ones. For this dress is very important to perfectly fit the corset - it should not be folded, or "sagging".

4. Mermaid Wedding Dress

This style is sewn "to the figure" and is highly recommended for young ladies with perfect features. It is usually chosen by ladies, who know what they want. Want to sparkle like a diamond? This outfit will be a decent frame. This dress looks even more striking and sexy with a train, and will never go out of fashion.

5. Mini Dress

You've got great legs? Why should you hide them?! Choose a short wedding dress. It can be straight, with a fluffy skirt, or even with a train. The fluffy skirt will hide wide hips, and corset will lift and visually increase the breast. This dress will also be a great choice for the wedding party after the ceremony.

Regardless of fashion trends, the dress needs to be customized to your body, otherwise you risk to look fashionable, but awkward. So, here are some advice:

- Short height. If you want to look taller than you are, choose a dress with high waist (Empire), a plunging neckline and high heels. The long train will also "add" height. But in a ball gown you will just "sink".

- Tall brides. If you are looking to visually reduce your height, try on tight dresses with low waist, wide belt and lantern sleeves. Feel free to open the top of the dress and make the bottom heavier with flowers and ribbons.

- The breast. If you want to visually decrease you breast, "hide" it with a high V-neck. To visually increase it, use high-waisted dress;

- Too slim. The slim girls who dream to look curvier should try volume ball gowns with ribbons, lace and frill sleeves.

- Too curvy. Curvy ladies who want to look slimmer should not overuse lace and ruffles. Try to emphasize the breast and make the skirt straight.

- Open back. Open your back only if you have great skin and can show off a great posture.

- Pregnant brides would look their best in a high-waisted dress.

- Wide hips. If you want to "hide" a part of your body, distract attention from it. If you want to hide wide hips, emphasize the top of your dress with embroidery, decorate it with flowers, choose the originally cut corset.

- Wide shoulders. If you have wide shoulders, minimize the decollette and don't choose a straight skirt.

- Narrow shoulders and wide hips - try on a ball gown. I do not advise straight silhouettes. Try to open shoulders instead.

- Large breast and hips. In this case, you will look your best in a low-waisted style and with plunging neckline (A-Line). "No-no" for too pompous styles and high waist.

- Waist. Girls with no waist will look their best in empire-style dresses. Brides with low waist - in A-Line styles.

Last, but not least

Listen to the advice of the sales person and try on not only what you like, but what is recommended by an experienced consultant. And never agree to buy a wedding dress, if you are not completely satisfied with it or if it causes even the slightest discomfort. Remember, you are the bride! And you decide what to wear on the most important day of your life!


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    • profile image

      Lauren Burton 2 years ago

      Tea length... so modern and cute right now.

    • Shushanik profile image

      Shushanik 4 years ago from San Francisco Bay Area

      I'm just pasting them from Google search

    • VVanNess profile image

      Victoria Van Ness 4 years ago from Prescott Valley

      Where are you finding all of these great pictures, that are so obviously professional, that you don't have to label in your article? I'm really struggling with finding decent pictures and would love some help!

    • profile image

      jusbeth16 5 years ago

      A-line dress, That is most certainly for me!

      I am planning a wedding now and struggling with trying to find and think of the perfect dress, well...I love the A-line