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How to Choose the Best Brazilian Bikini for Your Behind

Updated on February 17, 2015

Not everybody likes choosing the perfect swimsuit, but everyone DOES like going on vacation. Unfortunately for some, the two go hand-in-hand. It's hard not to go on a tropical vacation without slipping into a bikini at some point in time.

Let's say you're ready to show some skin and get frisky this hoilday season. You're tired of the full-cut coverage bottoms and want to spice things up for your significant other. Choosing the best brazilian bikini can be stressful, yes, but we want to make the process stress-free. We want you to find the best brazilian bikini bottom that you can, so that your vacation is nothing but enjoyable.

Brazilian cut bikinis are one of the most popular swimsuit styles, that basically revolutionized the swimwear industry. Celebrities, models, fashionistas alike love the sexy style.

What is a Brazilian Bikini Bottom?

A typical brazilian bikini bottom has a narrowed back, more so than moderate or full-cut coverage bottoms. This means the bottom will be cheekier at the backside. But what's better, is that brazilian cut bikinis come in a variety of styles, from hipster, to strappy, to caged, to string! The bottoms can be mixed and matched to your liking. They also are designed in many different prints and patterns, which is where things get fun.

The Brazilian bottom cut is also referred to as the "latin cut" because the bottom shows more skin than the normal "American cut" bottoms. They are normally low-rise with a more feminine looks that most people absolutely adore. Many brazilian bikini bottoms feature a ruching detail down the center of the bottoms, allowing the fabric to accentuate your backside to provide an even more comfortable and flattering fit.

The term Brazilian cut came about since it was originated in Brazil. But now the style is a huge hit globally, as one of the sexiest styles around. So whether you've been working hard at the gym all year, or looking to show off what you got, we support you completely. Sometimes a Brazilian bikini bottom is just the way to go.

Flaunt those natural curves, ladies! We've compiled a list of our favorite Brazilian bikinis for 2015 and invite you to peruse and fall in love like we did.

Acacia Swimwear Papaya Andy Bikini

Vitamin A Swimwear Neutra Daiquiri Bikini

Orchid Label Black Sienna Reed

L*Space Wild Child Monique

Beach Riot Vacationer Seahorse One Piece

Acacia Swimwear Shave Ice Panama Bikini

Beach Bunny Endless Summer White Bikini

Maaji Swimwear Dreams Ranch Bikini

Agua Bendita Bendito Madre Selva Bikini

PilyQ San Sebastian Bandeau Bikini

Which Swimsuit Bottom is for You?

Brazilian Cut Bottom
The sexiest cut in swimwear.
Not enough coverage for some.
Moderate Cut Bottom
The in-between cut.
Can be cheekier than expected.
Full Cut Bottom
All coverage, all the time.
Can bunch at the bottom.


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    • poetryman6969 profile image

      poetryman6969 3 years ago

      All the models and their bikinis look great but I especially like that hot rainbow bikini.