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How to Choose the Best Collagen Cream

Updated on April 30, 2012

One of the biggest decisions someone has to make when choosing between the best collagen creams on the market, is to choose between a cream that includes collagen as an ingredient or a cream that boosts natural collagen production. It’s also a good idea to check for any ingredients that may be potentially harmful before you purchase a specific product. Always purchase a product from a well-known reputable manufacturer to ensure you get a high-quality product. Also, check for online reviews of the item, but try to use cosmetics forums and user submitted sites to avoid marketing hype. The price of the product is important too, so find ways to compare products to find the most effective but affordable one.

Collagen Cream with Artificial Collagen

This is the type of collagen cream everyone thinks of, but it may not always be the best option. Many cosmetics and skin care manufacturers claim that the skin will absorb the collagen, but that’s not entirely true. Artificial collagen is very different from the collagen our skin produces, and it may not absorb as well, if at all.

Creams that Encourage Collagen Production

Choosing the best collagen cream may mean choosing a cream that works with your skin to produce natural collagen. These products may help you see long term results as well, because the skin is encouraged to heal and produce collagen and elastin to firm itself. Copper peptides, manuka honey, Cynergy TK, and Kinetin are just some of the ingredients you could look for in a collagen cream that will help your skin firm itself.

Potentially Harmful Ingredients

It’s also best to look for a cream that does not contain any potentially harmful chemicals such as artificial fragrances, parabens, alcohol and some mineral oils. The use of parabens in cosmetics is approved by the FDA and is believed to be safe under certain levels, but many consumers choose to avoid products containing parabens.

Authentic User Reviews

Finding a real and authentic product review online can be difficult, because many online marketing strategies include prewritten testimonials and reviews. If you’re looking for real user reviews, head over to skin care forums. You’re sure to find out exactly what other users think, and if you’re ever unsure you could ask if anyone has used a certain collagen cream before. Many sites on the Net also encourage and reward users for submitted reviews, so looking for some of these may be helpful as well.

Finding a Reputable Manufacturer

This is a little trickier, because you may know of a manufacturer but know nothing about its manufacturing policies and practices. If you’re in doubt, speak to your local health and beauty therapist and ask for product recommendations. It’s also a good idea to see whether a manufacturer tests its products on animals.

The Price

The best collagen cream does not have to be expensive, but finding effective ingredients is important. Usually you do get what you pay for, so the best advice I could give, is to look for a few creams that contain active and effective ingredients. Compare these creams to see which ones are most affordable while still offering the ingredients you need to have firmer skin. This should give you an idea of which creams are still top notch but affordable in comparison to other similar products.


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