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How to Color Your Filipina Hair At Home

Updated on April 23, 2014

Summer Hair for Filipinas

Summer 2014 is here and it’s time to hit the beach. In my personal opinion, it is nicer to have a lighter hair during summer to compliment with the bright and sunny weather. These days, Filipinas like me can easily have blonde, brunette, or even red hair. We just have to use hair dye.

Dark Ash Blonde on A Filipina Hair


Dyeing Filipina Hair

We can easily buy hair dye from the department or beauty stores. There are many choices in terms of hair color. My personal favorite is “Dark Ash Blonde”. I tend to choose a lighter shade from the color I want to achieve because Asians have darker hair and to achieve a lighter color, we have to use a lighter solution for the hair to become lighter. Also, I tend to let the hair dye stay longer. If the instruction says 30 minutes, I add about 10 minutes before I rinse it off.


Hair Dye Developer

To achieve a light hair color, we have to use a hair dye developer that’s 9%. There are 3 choices for hair developer – 6%, 9% and 12%.

6% is used for dyeing white hair to brown or black. It has to be applied from the scalp to the end thus it’s best to perform a strand test 48 hours before application to rule out any allergic reaction.

9% to 12% developer is used to achieve light hair, and 9% can be enough to brighten Filipina hair.


Dyed Hair Treatment

Lastly, you can perform hair cellophane or hot oil to treat you hair because dyeing tends to dry our hair. Treatment should also be done regularly. And we have to always use conditioner, and a shampoo that is for our hair type. This way, our hair is cleaned and conditioned daily.


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