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Hairstyles How To

Updated on April 10, 2012

Communicate With Your Hairstylist


How to Avoid a Bad Hairstyle

Have you ever walked into a salon with a complete vision for your hairstyle and walked out in tears, unfulfilled? We have all been there at one point in our life. Here are a few tips for hairstyles and how to choose and communicate with a stylist to get the hairstyle you want.


First and foremost, do your research. Before you walk into the salon it is important to know the reputation of their service. Do you know someone who can recommend the place? Perhaps there are reviews you can analyze before booking your appointment. If you see someone with a terrific haircut; find out where they went? Word of mouth is a terrific way to find the perfect salon. Also, know who will be doing your hair. Every salon has varying degrees of experienced stylists. Generally these are ranked by titles such as: Stylist, Senior Stylist, Master Stylist etc. They are also often broken down into the specific departments utilizing each stylists specific talent, ie: cutter, colorist, etc. If you want the best you will have to ask to be seen by the most experience "Master" at the salon. Keep in mind this will cost you more in the long run so perhaps if you are willing to settle for a little less you can go with a more average stylist. This also will depend on what you are having done and the difficulty level of your style.

Be Clear About What You Want

Second; know what you want. If you go in saying do whatever you want, more often than not they will! This may not be what you had in mind and truly isn't fair to the stylist if you have given them free reign. The more specific you are with what it is you want the better.

One of the best ways to do this is to go through hair magazines and find images you like. I don't recommend using celebrity hairstyles as your guide. Most celebrity photo shoots involve artificial contributions which cannot be duplicated such as: hair extensions and pieces, ratting and platforms of product which you would never wish to do on a daily basis. Utilize the books and magazines found at the salons which showcase real people and real hairstyles. You can also print out ideas online or do a virtual hairstyle online by submitting a photo of yourself in advanced.

It is important you know what you want to achieve with your hair. You should also express how much time you have to dedicate to your particular style to make sure it is a fit for your life. Obviously if you are not someone who spends 1-2 hours a day in a grooming session than you are not going to want a style for straight hair which needs to be flat ironed and blow-dried. Communicating your goals, time constraints and general habits to your stylist is always a good idea when it comes to hairstyles and how to select the best one.

Know Your Limitations

Third; know what you DON'T want. Perhaps you don't have a clear vision of the style you are looking for but do know things which don't work for you. Make sure to communicate this. For example if you want a shorter cut, express the general length, ie: I don't want it above my chin. Also, if you know you would like highlights in your brown hair but don't want them to be too bright, say so. If you don't want bangs, let them know. A stylist can usually gauge what it is you are looking for by your likes and dislikes. Knowing what you don't want is the first step to knowing what you want. Keep in mind that most hairstylists will be as conservative as possible and they are not mind readers. If you are someone who likes something unconventional or edgy, you will need to make sure your stylist understands they have your permission.

Show the Stylist What You Normally Do With Your Hair

Finally, I suggest going to the salon with your hair styled the way you typically style it. So many people walk in with a ponytail or a hat thinking it doesn't matter. The stylist will have a much more clear vision of who you are and how your hair looks when you naturally do it. It takes some of the guess work out of the process. Ultimately, with hairstyles and how to find the perfect match, if you communicate everything it is you are looking for and do the proper research you have a much greater chance of avoiding the bad hairstyle pitfalls.

I would love to hear your hairstyling stories! Advice, what works, horror stories and recommend your favorite salon/stylist in your area!

Hair Style Tricks

2011 (c) Dagny Roth, freelance writer


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    • dagny roth profile imageAUTHOR

      dagny roth 

      9 years ago from Neverland

      LOL!! You could be right heads up. The victimization must be stopped...I would join your fight against the would be "good hair style" usurpers!

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Have you noticed that there are an increasing amt of ppl walking around with really messed up hair cuts? This is due to the passive aggressive epidemic that is spreading throughout hair salons. If you have not gotten a hair cut, you may consider cutting your own will save you the physical and emotional trauma from these passive aggressive hair stylist. You can **never** identify a passive aggressive hair stylist! Never. They will be extremely friendly to you the whole time...this is to mask their anger/insecurities. But once they are done with your hair, you will be left with at least several of the mishaps mentioned in the above article, on purpose. We need to join force and boycott salons by cutting our own hair. These people are making a *****GOOD**** living taking their anger out on your hair. For those of you sporting a hair cut from a passive aggressive hair stylist, you are not alone, A LOT of people are too. But don't forget what happened to you and don't let another money hungry stylist convince you it was a's wasn't. Spread the word, help others who have not been victimized!

    • Lgali profile image


      9 years ago

      nice article


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