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How to Create the Ultimate Steampunk Look

Updated on August 28, 2014
Steampunk It Is
Steampunk It Is

The Steampunk Look is In

There is a revolution overtaking the field of fashion and culture, called Steampunk. Blending the old and new, steampunk fashion is a way of expressing your ideas, beliefs and thoughts by dressing in a classic neo-industrial Victorian style. Steam powered machines, airships and cogs are images that dominate this wide ranging Neo Victorian genre. Being part of the steampunk culture requires you to dress, accessorize, and even listen to a particular genre of music. There are certain archetypes that you need to follow in order to complete the image.


The Steampunk Persona

The first step in establishing your persona is to choose a character from Jules Vernian literature. It could be an aristocrat, pirate, zombie, explorer, mechanic, aviator, scientist or more. In order to give the right Steampunk vibe, it is essential that you stick with a character that you feel best suits your personality. The clothes are based on post-industrial science-fiction and need to be accompanied by period make-up, hairstyles and accessories.


Steampunk Attire

In order to get the Steampunk look, it is important to choose a Victorian style outfit and mix it up with an industrial and grunge look. You can choose to add some punk and gothic touches to your personality as well. Corsets, duster coats and utility belts are all part of this style.

Women can choose Steampunk dresses, jackets, skirts or corsets to suit different personalities.

Men, on the other hand, can opt for the post-apocalyptic Steampunk grunge look, with long, dark coats, trousers, frocks and vests.

Vintage style hats and watches are great ways to complete your look.


Steampunk Hairstyles

You can never have just the right impact unless you get yourself the appropriate hairstyle. There are a range of hairstyles for both men and women that not only suit the persona you have chosen but also your personality. For women, there are a lot of options, from ringlets to elaborate buns and even short, spiky hair. The best part is that both men and women can go absolutely wild. Pick a retro look and go for long hair. If you are among the more conservative men, some gel could help you get those spikes, which can later be washed off before you head off to work. Add hats, goggles and other hair accessories for a lasting impression.


Steampunk Accessories

There are a number of accessories, both online and in stores, which can give you just the right accents and highlights. For your gothic steampunk image, choose from the many options for hats, belts, jewelry, bags, goggles, pocket watches and more.

Men can also consider canes and walking sticks, while both men and women could add binoculars and even guns to complete the Steampunk look.


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