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How to Deodorize Shoes and Freshen Them Up

Updated on July 13, 2014

Deodorizing shoes properly will help you overcome a very serious problem. The unpleasant smell coming from shoes that you use often can be very difficult to cope with. Shoe odor is especially problematic in the summer, when heat aggravates the situation even more.

Though men are predominantly affected by this issue, it could also have an impact on ladies. Sometimes, unpleasant shoe odor could be caused by a medical problem. In other occasions, the materials that the shoes are made of will be to blame.

The following tips are very easy to follow and they will result in significant improvements. Choosing the right shoe variety is the first and the most important prerequisite for getting rid of bad odor.

Select High Quality Shoes

The selection of quality shoes is the first step that will help you deal with odor. Select shoes that are made of natural materials – leader, linen or suede. Synthetic materials are prone to increasing sweating and the activity of bacteria, which results in unpleasant smell.

Wear sandals during the summer. Other types of shoes increase sweating and respectively – unpleasant odor.

Choose shoes having good ventilation. Some types of shoes have been designed to have tiny openings on the surface, which allow air to circulate. This surface allows for the absorption of excess moisture, which is one of the conditions for the survival of odor-causing bacteria.


Select Good Socks

The same rule applies to the selection of socks. For best results, wear only cotton socks. Never wear sports shoes or any other type of closed shoe without socks.

Keep shoes outside during the night. The fresh air is one of the best ways to deodorize your shoes and to dry them from sweat.

Pay Attention to Foot Hygiene

Foot hygiene plays important role in keeping your shoes odor-free. Wash your feet on a daily basis. If you are experiencing problems with foot smell, you can purchase a specialized foot deodorant. Replace socks with clean ones on a daily basis, as well. Some pharmacies offer cosmetic products that have been designed to reduce feet sweating and to kill bacteria responsible for the unpleasant smell.

Apart from foot deodorants, you can purchase special shoe deodorizing products. A wide range of such products can be bought from pharmacies, shoe stores and even online.

If you are skeptical about the shoe deodorizing products that stores offer, use baking soda. Sprinkle some of it in shoes and allow it to act overnight.

Killing Bad Odor-Causing Bacteria

Even a simpler strategy exists. As already mentioned, shoe odor results from the activity of bacteria. The best way to deal with it is to kill these bacteria. Place your shoes in the freezer. Keep them in at least one night. The cold temperature will kill bacteria. When you take shoes out, use a deodorant to further improve the smell.

Keeping your shoes in a hot, dry place is another viable option. Heat will remove excess moisture and will kill bacteria. Allow shoes to dry thoroughly before putting them back on.

Place paper or cotton sheets inside your shoes and keep on for several hours. The fabric and paper have the power to absorb excess moisture and to remove the unpleasant smell.

There is no need to purchase expensive products or to change your routine drastically in order to experience improvement. Try a few DIY remedies and if the bad odor persists, you may consider talking to a physician. A bacterial or a fungal infection will require slightly more serious measures to be dealt with.


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