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How to Do a Hair Part

Updated on March 16, 2013
Two differently parted hair styles
Two differently parted hair styles

Parting your hair

Parting your hair can change your appearance, not only with your hairstyle but with your whole look. It is one of the simplest ways to quickly change your usual look without having to do anything drastic like getting a whole new haircut. Whether you have long hair or bangs the way you part your hair makes a difference.

Center parted hair
Center parted hair
Side part
Side part

Different styles

Before you start parting your hair you should know about the different kinds of parts you can try. Some of the basic kinds of hair parts are listed below.

  • Center parts

Hair that parts right down the very center this is a very classic look. Was also very popular with the hippie look. This is a very good way to part your hair if you have a heart shaped face or an oval shaped face. You can still try out this part even if you have a different shape though. Center parts can even work with bangs you can part the hair behind the bangs or part the bangs also.

  • Deep or left or right side parts

This is a very popular way to part your hair. This is because it is so flattering to so many face shapes. Ovals, rounds, oblongs and even squares. This looks especially nice with side swept bangs. You can also have a deep side part with or without bangs.

  • Zigzag parts

This style of part looks good on everyone! It especially looks good on faces that look better with lots of angles and volume. This is great for a heart shaped face. I would really recommend this part to anyone who is looking for something a little more fun and light hearted. This is my favorite style of hair parting.

Comb with a pointed end
Comb with a pointed end

What you will need

You dont need very much to part your hair but the list of what you will need is listed below.

  • A comb with a point at the end
  • A mirror so you can see what you are doing
  • A spray bottle to dampen (Optional best used for hair that doesn't want to stay parted)
  • Hairspray (optionalFor difficult hair that does not want to stay in place)

How to do to it

Now that you know how you want to part your hair and what you will need we can get started.

  • Brush hair as usual
  • Dampen the top of your head with a spray bottle of water
  • Take the point on the end of your comb and press down firmly but not enough to hurt
  • Slowly move the comb across your scalp creating the part you want
  • This would be a straight line for a center part or a long diagonal line for a deep side part.
  • After you create this line use the comb to comb the rest of your hair into place and take care of strays.
  • Now spray your hair with hairspray to keep in place.

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