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Witch Costumes for Women

Updated on February 19, 2015
kittythedreamer profile image

Kitty's favorite holiday is Halloween. She's been making her own costumes and studying Halloween as a holiday for over a decade.

Modern Day Gothic Witches
Modern Day Gothic Witches | Source

So you want to be a witch for Halloween?

Ready to have the cutest witch costume this Halloween? Think about the many different time periods in which witches have lived - Medieval, Renaissance, Victorian, Roaring 20s, and more. There are so many options for witch costumes for women.

So pull up a well-worn broom and we'll take a flight into the night and ultimately learn how to dress like a witch. Maybe our witch costumes will be so convincing that our pesky ex-boyfriends will turn into frogs...or perhaps not.


Dress Like a Witch - A Gothic Witch

Embrace your dark side and dress like a witch...a gothic witch. If you're a friend of the crows, snakes, and are probably a gothic witch. So let's learn how to dress like one.

By now you've probably guessed that the best color to wear as a gothic witch is black. Black is considered to be the all-encompassing color...the color that is all colors combined and yet void of color. A very divine color indeed (and not to mention very slimming). You can mix Victorian elements with witchy gypsy elements to get an authentic, creepy yet sexy gothic witch wardrobe.

I particularly like the black and white striped socks that witches are so well-known for least the Halloween witches. Black corsets, flowing black skirts, and black boots are all very gothic witchy items to grab if you want to go for the gothic witch look. Don't forget black fingernail polish, black eyeshadow, and gorgeous gothic jewelry to top off your new witchy style! Oh, and don't forget Fairuza Balk's awesomly witchy gothic schoolgirl look in The Craft as inspiration to dress like a witch.


A Natural Witch or Cute Witch

When learning how to dress like a witch, and not wanting to look like a gothic witch, there other options for bewitching style. If you want to look like more of a natural witch, you should opt for a gypsy bohemian or simply a cute witch costume. You can turn any flowy or form-fitting dress into a witch costume for women. All you need is a little creativity.

For example, look at this cute girl's witch costume. It is a simple shiny strapless dress in pink with a matching floppy witch hat. Add a broom and bam! You'll be flying in no time.

For me personally, I really like the natural witch look. Beachy flowy dresses, bohemian gypsy maxi skirts, peasant tops, and bare feet is the best way to go for a natural witch costume or look. You could also take a fortune teller costume or gypsy costume and make it into a gypsy witch costume, again by using your creativity. A witch's hat, broom, and a set of fancy tarot cards will make the perfect natural gypsy witch costume.

Or go totally off the wall and be a retro pin-up witch! Any color babydoll lingerie, matching thigh-high stockings, and sexy retro pumps.

Dressing like a witch is not always about being creepy or strange, it is also about self empowerment and loving oneself for who you truly are! Love your curves, love the body that you've been given. Take care of yourself...and dress yourself up as much as you want! If you want to wear a witch's hat with a lingerie set as a witch costume...why the heck not? Or if you want to look like a gypsy fortune teller for Halloween this year, who's going to tell you not to?

Natural witches also wear natural perfumes and herb-infused oils such as patchouli, rose, sage, lavender, and more. Try these scents out and feel like nature emanates from your very pores. Also try out wearing witchy jewelry, such as Tiger's eye earrings, quartz necklaces, or moonstone rings. You can find semi-precious gemstones in jewelry almost everywhere for a fraction of the price of regular jewelry. Rose quartz is thought to bring love and help give off a loving energy. Cover yourself in magickal stones and herbs...that is what a natural witch's costume is all about - the earth!


A Victorian Witch Costume

The classic depiction of a witch is usually a Victorian witch costume for women. If you are a lover of all things gothic or antique, you might love learning how to dress like a Victorian witch. There are certain pieces that you must have as a part of the Victorian witch's wardrobe. Those pieces are:

  • a Victorian style corset (with lace is best!)
  • Victorian lace-up boots (witchy boots)
  • a long skirt with a large bustle in the back
  • a fancy hair-do (either an up-do with some loose curls or all-over curled/ringlet hair)
  • pale make-up with pretty pink cheeks and lips
  • cameo jewelry (next to your pentacle, of course)

The color of your Victorian witch costume is all up to what you want it to be. You could go gothic Victorian witch and dress in all black Victorian costume or you could go with white or a mixture of colors. Just remember that if you're dressing like a Victorian witch, you'll also have to have an antique broom and witch's hat!

Lace stockings are also a perfect touch to the Victorian witch costume for women. The more lace and pretty accessories you can add to your Victorian witch costume the better.

No matter what witch costume for women you choose, the point is that you feel your best. Feel empowered, feel strong, and feel sexy.

Get Inspired and Find an Awesome Costume!

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Check out majik horse's etsy shop...she rocks!A Green WitchHocus Pocus - More Victorian Witch StyleWiccan in a Long Purple Gown and VestA Coven of WitchesVictorian WitchFortune Teller WitchAnne Boleyn - One of History's Famous Witches
Check out majik horse's etsy shop...she rocks!
Check out majik horse's etsy shop...she rocks! | Source
A Green Witch
A Green Witch
Hocus Pocus - More Victorian Witch Style
Hocus Pocus - More Victorian Witch Style
Wiccan in a Long Purple Gown and Vest
Wiccan in a Long Purple Gown and Vest
A Coven of Witches
A Coven of Witches
Victorian Witch
Victorian Witch
Fortune Teller Witch
Fortune Teller Witch
Anne Boleyn - One of History's Famous Witches
Anne Boleyn - One of History's Famous Witches

© 2012 Nicole Canfield


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  • Kathe Jones profile image

    Kathe Jones 

    9 months ago from San Francisco Bay Area

    I would love to be a sexy witch for Halloween. Almost every year I wear women's clothes at Halloween, and I like to be as sexy as possible for my female admirers.

  • kittythedreamer profile imageAUTHOR

    Nicole Canfield 

    5 years ago from Summerland

    I hear ya, Daniella. :)

  • Daniella Lopez profile image

    Danielle Lopez 

    5 years ago from Spain

    Thanks! I'm very glad to be back. Although, the break from writing was rather nice as well. :P

  • kittythedreamer profile imageAUTHOR

    Nicole Canfield 

    6 years ago from Summerland

    Daniella - It's so nice to hear from you...I'm so glad you're back! Glad yo liked it. I was hoping it wasn't going to be an epic fail. :) Blessings!

  • Daniella Lopez profile image

    Danielle Lopez 

    6 years ago from Spain

    This is such a cute hub, Kitty. I love that you've covered the three different looks that real witches tend to identify with. I personally enjoy the Gypsy look, however, I'm also very drawn to the Victorian style. Voted up!

  • kittythedreamer profile imageAUTHOR

    Nicole Canfield 

    6 years ago from Summerland

    I always try to but sometimes fail, as I am SO picky about my clothing! Love the gypsy style too and I seem to go with the gypsy witch theme more than any others. I love bohemian style. Thanks again, and you're is fun being a witch!

  • Ravineyes profile image


    6 years ago from Buffalo, NY

    Hi Kitty!'ve touched a place in my heart...I have dressed like - what I wanted to be - a witch my whole life too! Stevie Nicks was and still is a very prominent role model in my life. Although I've always looked at her as a mixture of Gypsy Witch, which is the witch I emulate to be...nice twist on words huh? I LOVE the boots you've shown from Amazon, the Victorian lace??? I must get those to go along with my numerous gypsy skirts that dictate the majority of my wardrobe. Thanks for bringing back the fun in being a real witch, we always have to do two things, break the stereotype green face part, and well...have fun being different.


  • kittythedreamer profile imageAUTHOR

    Nicole Canfield 

    6 years ago from Summerland

    rcrumple - I agree, it has gotten better because of women like Stevie Nicks. And well, it's society's view on what a "witch" really is, as well. Now that there are more real witches coming out of the broom closet (so to speak), we are seeing that the image of the witch that we were taught as a child is know - the green witch with the crooked, wart-covered nose bent over a cauldron? Yeah..that's not correct at all! Hehe. Thanks for the comment, and I didn't take the compliment as you being sexist or chauvinistic at all. :)

  • rcrumple profile image


    6 years ago from Kentucky

    Being of the male gender, I can only offer a narrow perspective on this topic. It has definitely gotten better over the years! I believe we can attribute this to two women: Elvira and Stevie Nicks. Both utilized this atmosphere to bring about a combination of mysticism and sensuality to their costuming. With their efforts, the gray robes of the MacBeth bubbling, toiling, and troubling witches have been replaced in our minds...thank goodness. At risk of being called a sexist chauvinist, "You've come a long way, Witchy!" Voted Up!


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