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How to Dye Gray Hair Using Color with Oxidizing Cream

Updated on April 23, 2012

A lot of us will eventually have to deal with white or gray hair. When this time comes, or when you are already facing such problem, don't fret. As much as you can be shelling out a great amount of money for a session in the salon to dye the white hairs, you yourself can learn the easy way on how to dye you hair.

First off, you will need to buy a boxed hair color from beauty supplies shops, pharmacies, or groceries. Usually, they come in two bottles. A bottle for the coloring substance itself, then another bottle for the oxidizing liquid.

You can choose a lot of colors that can be applies on your hair. But since you are covering the unwanted gray hair, you may have to choose between shades of brown or black.

In mixing the solutions, you must remember that the ratio of these two solutions must be 1:1. Or, one part coloring cream, to be mixed with one part of oxidizing solution. Remember, when dyeing hair that are white, make sure you use 6% oxidizing cream. Never use 9 - 12% oxidizing creams as they will only make your white hair lighter. In short, it will not be the desired black or brown color of the hair that you want.

Saturate the hair from the scalp to the roots, to the midsection of the hair, then up to the tip. Remember to always start from the nape going up. It is also important to section your hair in doing this.

When you color the back part of your head, you may have to call a family or friend to help you. Or else, you will end up with the "leopard" or "zebra" effect, resulting from the patches or uneven coloring of your hair at the back. By all means, ask a friend to help you out even just for the back part.

After applying the hair dye. Wait for at least 30-45 minutes. Rinse off the hair dye, and you will the now colored white hair you have. Condition your hair by rinsing of with hair conditioner. If you want, you can opt for DIY hot oit or hair wax treatment at home to nourish your hair and prevent it from dryness caused by hair dyeing.

Grown ups = Grey Hair



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