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How to Find the Latest Fashions, Save Money and NOT Look Like Everyone Else!

Updated on June 5, 2013 | Source

Are you great at creating outfits, but can't afford the clothes you like? Do you love to wear the latest styles, but don't know where to find items that won't have you looking just like everyone else? Or is fashion a total mystery to you? If you answered, "yes" to any of these questions, then you are in the majority of teens and young women today! Most of us need some sort of fashion assistance, whether it be finding stylish and unique clothing, putting outfits and accessories together, or just finding the pieces we like at affordable prices. It does not require the help of a personal stylist for you to look your best. Your style should reflect your personality. There are no right or wrong fashion choices. Style is not black and white, it is every color of the rainbow...and then some! | Source

The three most important aspects of fashion actually have nothing to do with clothes. 1) Take care of yourself so that you look healthy. 2) Smile so that your inner beauty shows through. 3) Be secure with who you are so that you exude confidence. If you follow these three rules, everything else will come naturally.

Once you know yourself and what you like, try on different styles to determine which types of clothing look best on you. Also, try to determine the best color palettes for your skin tone. If this is hard for you to do alone, ask several friends for their opinions to help you decide. This doesn't require a paid fashion professional, just a few honest acquaintances. | Source

There are several sources you can search to find unique pieces, at affordable prices. Try searching ebay, consignment shops, local thrift stores, and flea markets. You will have to spend some time sorting through items, but you may just find a special bargain that you will love.

Next, try shopping at unique boutiques if you have any in your area. Don't forget the on-line boutiques as well. Usually you will find a greater selection and better prices at webstores such as Make sure to check the measurements of the items, find out the shipping costs and understand the return policy of each webstore, before you buy. | Source

Lastly, do not forget to use your own creativity to enhance your wardrobe. Many items such as simple jewelry, beaded clothing, headbands, and enhanced shorts and bottoms are not difficult to make, and truly let your personal style shine through.

Most importantly, be happy, feel good and be proud to show the world your very own sense of style!

Do you have any fashion related questions that you would like to ask? If so, please feel free to type them in the comments section below. Jordan Fox, owner and founder of Novus Pulchra, has agreed to answer them for you :) | Source


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