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How to Use Your Cosmetics in Multiple Ways

Updated on January 16, 2011
Many cosmetics can serve multiple purposes.
Many cosmetics can serve multiple purposes. | Source

Many women enjoy cosmetics. The numerous products available today make choosing products difficult, costly, and time consuming. Time and money are continually rare so using multiple products daily is time consuming, expensive, and bad for skin. You need not buy every new cosmetic item available to look beautiful. Many basic beauty items can be used for multiple purposes.

Foundation- Make up base is mainly used to give skin an even and smooth appearance, but it can also be used to prime eyelids for eye shadow. Just dot or brush foundation onto your eyelids and blend carefully. When properly blended, veins and discoloration should not be visible and the skin of your eyelids should appear even in tone. Also, even drugstore foundation can be pricey. In order to preserve product, only use it where it is needed. For example, if you have a haircut that covers your forehead consider not applying foundation there.

Eye shadow- Eye shadow can be used as eyeliner. No surprise there, but it can also be used to contour and highlight cheeks depending on the shade. Lightly colored shades such as white, cream, or gold can be blended on the top of the cheekbone as a high lighter. Darker brown shades can be used in the hollow of cheeks to define cheekbones.

Blush- Blush can be used in place of eye shadow. Just use your eye shadow applicator to apply as shadow. It can also can be layered or mixed with lip balm to create a light lip color.

Lipstick- Lipstick can be used as cream blush. Take advantage of 2 for 1 sales and use a berry colored lipstick as a blush. Simply run the tip of a clean ring finger over the lipstick and dot onto the apples of the cheeks. Be sure to blend in circles backwards fully onto the cheekbone.

Body Lotion- After smoothing lotion onto hands use any excess to smooth out flyaway hair. Body Lotion can also be used in place of shaving cream in many instances.

Bronzer- Bronzer can be used all over the face for a quick monochromatic look.

Most common cosmetics have multiple uses. Open your mind to the creative possibilities of your cosmetics and the most basic products can create numerous looks.

What is the facial feature you use cosmetics to enhance most?

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