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Tips to get Naturally More & Longer Lashes

Updated on April 15, 2017
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As a German-English screenwriter, filmmaker/director, photographer and illustrator I simply love everything creative.

For how long do your eyes usually wear make up?

A perfect eye make up underlines the beauty of your eyes.
A perfect eye make up underlines the beauty of your eyes. | Source

Most important Basics

We all are in a hurry most of the time so our make-up has to be done easily and fast. Anything complicated you will try once or twice and then trow it away. But there are some habits that you should accustom to do daily.

  • Take the time to remove your make up every evening. Best when you know for sure you will not go out again, but the earlier the better. By this your skin, the eyes and lashes get some time to relax before you go to bed.
  • Treat yourself in the best way and remove everything in a soft and slow way. Be kind to your skin, your body and especially to your eyes and the area around.
  • Eyeliner, concealer, mascara, eyeshadow and kohl are fatty. The best way to remove fatty stuff from your skin is indeed to do it with another fat. Take a cotton pad and some drops of clear baby oil (like from Penaten).
  • Wipe your eyes softly with this pad and use each side only once, then take a new pad. So you guarantee that no old make-up will be shared around your eyes.
  • Be soft with yourself and don´t rub, but speckle old make up from your lashes, eyelids and the area around your eyes.
  • Never pull out lashes. When you have the feeling your have something in your eyes go to a washroom or use a little pocket mirror and check what is wrong. Always take some cotton pads and ear buds in your pocket for "cases of emergency". You probably have already your mascara with you anyway. So just add a few things. Also helpful is a little box of vaseline.

Only the Best for your Lashes

Your lashes really need your support. You try to enhance them, make them longer, thicker and more beautiful by using mascara every day. The more important it is that you take care for your mascara and make up products as well as for your lashes. Keep in mind that mascara is the main reason why lashes break and dry out.

Here are the main points you should check and keep in mind. Best take a moment and check all your make up products, but principally your products for your eyes.

  • How old are your products?
  • Throw everything away when the date of expiry is expired and replace them immediately. Be consequent with that, because this is one of the most important points! Old products are dry and full of bacteria. Neither of that is good for your lashes, lips or skin.
  • Also check whether your mascara is still liquid and your eyeshadow creamy. Throw both away when they are close to the date of expiry. The reason is they are not bacteria-free and have never been, but the longer you use them the more bacteria are in these covers.
  • Does your mascara lump? Or are all your lashes perfect colored and do not stick together? In case they stick, simply take a cotton pad with some drops of baby oil. It also works with vaseline, but the liquid baby oil brings you better results. Now take the mascara brush and clean the brush with the cotton pad or with a face tissue. Take care that the pad or tissue does not fuzz. Take all the mascara rests on your brush off before you do the next step.
  • You can easily make the mascara softer and more liquid for perfect lashes without any lumps right now. Just put one or two drops of baby oil into the mascara cover. Then put the little - now clean - brush into it and move it up and down several times to distribute the oil everywhere.
  • Best do all these things in the evening so everything is perfectly clean for your make up the next morning.

A Proper Eye Mascara has no Lumps

Keep in mind that mascara is the main reason why lashes break and why you lose them.
Keep in mind that mascara is the main reason why lashes break and why you lose them. | Source

Shelter Your Lashes and Eyes from Bacteria

Yes, these wonderful little hairs around your eyes are sensitive and if you want to keep them and even activate their growth you should think about how you treat them. Look at the cosmetic tools you use. Check them. How old are the brushes and are they clean? Most women have no idea how important it is to keep all these cosmetic brushes clean and free from bacteria. They wonder about their skin when they suddenly find red spots, inflamed pimples and a rash break out on the face, the neck or even down on the décolleté. Well, many of these skin reactions are the result of unclean or even dirty cosmetic brushes.This is the more important around your eyes because bacteria in your eyes can cause bad inflammations and even lead to loss of your eye sight in worst case. Hence, it is necessary to clean our brushes regularly. This is easy and done in an instant:

  1. Work under running water and simply wash your brushes out with some drops of a ph-adjusted soap or shower gel.
  2. To really kill all bacteria which could be on your brushes you simply take some glass jars - one glass jar for only brush and fill it with boiling water. Give it over each (cleansed) brush into the glass jar. It is not necessary to set the complete brush under water, but the head with the brushes.
  3. Give the hot water 5-10 minutes to do its work and then simply take a clean towel and dry your brushes before you put them back on their places.
  4. Please be aware that bacteria can also spread out to the neighborhood of the brushes. Hence, it is recommendable to clean your cosmetic cases, bags and mugs regularly as well.
  5. Best you do this actually every evening, but I do it once a week and am fine with that.

6 Tips to Care for Your Lashes and Prevent Losing them

  1. Never pull out lashes.
  2. Always remove your make up at the end of the day.
  3. Treat your lashes softly while removing the make up and of course also already while making it up.
  4. Allow your skin and eyes to recover from make up for at least 1 day a week by a wellness day without any make up. I know our jobs and the world outside our homes require to look as perfect as possible because only good looks put us in good positions in every life situations. Nevertheless our skin, hair and nails are actually not made for this. Hence, you should give them a break to recover and relax. A wellness day - even if it lasts only a few hours - is necessary and absolute recommendable if you want naturally grown more and longer lashes.
  5. Care for your lashes and the soft and thin skin around your eyes with a special treatment each evening. I really did a lot of researches for lashes care, hair care and anti wrinkle cosmetic. What helps your lashes and the skin around your eyes best is a fat cream or the above mentioned baby oil. I read somewhere that Jennifer Aniston shall have said in an interview she simply softly dabs some vaseline around here eyes, on the lids of her eyes. I can recommend this: End this treatment with a slow and soft massage over your lashes and go to bed. You will feel the difference right the next morning and see first results after about a week and the more after 10 days.
  6. Very important: Control your make up products regularly, at least once a week. Keep your products fresh and all brushes clean and you will soon see the results and your eyes feel better.

Clean Brushes are Very Important

A clean brush paints your lashes perfectly.
A clean brush paints your lashes perfectly. | Source

How Lashes become Stronger

If you love to use mascara and make up for longer lashes then you definitely need strong lashes. The crux is that cole, eyeliner and mascara dry while wearing them. In consequence your lashes dry out too. The make up even becomes hard what extends the risk of breaking lashes. Lashes grow really slowly. So, you can imagine what it means when you lose 2 or 3 lashes per eye each day. Yep, your lashes will look less - it has contra productive effects.

  1. Remove the eye make up when ever possible, latest before you go to bed - no matter what!
  2. Use simple olive oil, coconut oil or baby oil to remove it as oil is the basis on what these products are made of and only oil can remove them faster.
  3. Do the vaseline treatment that I described above in this article not only before you go to bed, but again before you put on your new make up on the next morning.
  4. Vaseline shelters your lashes what makes them a little more resistant against mascara and co. Plus, you have the effect that your mascara will not lump on your lashes. Your eyes will have one lash beside the next and no lash will stick together anymore.
  5. It is necessary to do this treatment regularly and not only for a few weeks. Your lashes will not only grow, but even become stronger. Even strong enough so that you can use an eyelash curler without any fear of breaking lashes!

Tips for Perfect Painted Lashes with Mascara

First of all you do not need any expensive mascara for longer lashes and you do not need wrong lashes. Your lashes are perfect as they are. There are some things you should know about how to put on Mascara the best way.

  • Before you put the mascara on you should cream your lashes with some fat cream, vaseline or baby oil.
  • Take your lump free and clean mascara brush and paint your lashes slowly. The oil treatment before will support the mascara and stabilizes it. The mascara will hold longer and you will feel more comfortable with it, because the fat treatment makes the lashes and the mascara softer.
  • Care for your lashes after removing the make up in the evening by creaming them with a fat cream or vaseline.
  • Also dab some vaseline around the eye before you go to bed. Your eyelid as well as the soft and thin skin around the eyes will become softer and firmer. You will feel the difference in the morning.
  • Avoid mascara which makes your lashes "longer" over the day. It only puts more weight on your lashes and you will never feel comfortable with it. When your lashes are longer and stronger by the treatments mentioned in this article you can use it again - but you will no longer need it.
  • With all these treatment tips your lashes will start growing. The result will be that you get more lashes, because you lose less of them. Plus, your lashes will grow longer, because they do not break anymore. These care tips make them softer, cleaner and more natural. Enjoy your new natural long lashes after a few weeks.
  • Don´t give up, if it should take 8 weeks before you see results. All your hairs grow slowly so be patient!


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